Robin's Family
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Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA (Tree:Robin)

Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA

Primary Birth events within Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA (Tree:Robin)

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 BACON, Charles MontgomeryAbt 17601821Washington County, Tennessee, USAI2738
2 Bacon, HenryAbt 1770 Pennsylvania, USAI7450
3 Bacon, Isaac10 Jan 175424 Jan 1826Washington County, Tennessee, USAI5454
4 Bacon, JamesAbt 17581846Washington County, Tennessee, USAI2975
5 Bacon, Jeremiah JrBef 18 Oct 1761Aft 1830Northumberland, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, USAI2974
6 Bacon, Jeremiah17741851Washington County, Tennessee, USAI1537
7 Bacon, JesseMar 179003 Oct 1819Washington County, Tennessee, USAI789
8 Bacon, John Sr.Abt 1759 Washington County, Tennessee, USAI2978
9 Bacon, John Jr177714 Sep 1857Washington County, Tennessee, USAI793
10 Bacon, Jonathan 'Daunt'Betw 1752 and 1765Abt 1830Washington County, Tennessee, USAI515
11 Bacon, Nancy1800 (here)I6862
12 Bacon, PollyAbt 1745Aft 1810Washington County, Tennessee, USAI5179
13 Bacon, Thomas17501817Pennsylvania, USAI5174
14 Bacon, Thomas Sr01 Nov 179305 Sep 1871Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee, USAI327
15 Brown, James1735Bef 1800Powell Valley, Virginia, USAI3941
16 FERNTZELER, Maria Elizabeth04 Dec 17681850Tennessee, USAI5321
17 Redenbaugh, Philip10 Feb 17841828Jefferson County, Indiana, USAI9138
18 WATTENBARGER, John Adam20 Jun 178703 Oct 1859Greene County, Tennessee, USAI6863
19 Wuertemberger, Anna Maria20 Nov 1764Mar 1765(here)I5771
20 Wuertemberger, Anna Maria01 Jul 178903 Nov 1790(here)I3707
21 WUERTEMBERGER, John Adam22 Feb 1760Jul 1825Washington County, Tennessee, USAI64
22 Wuertemberger, John George04 May 176218 Jan 1843Plain Twp, Stark County, Ohio, USAI5770
23 Wuertemberger, John Jacob28 Mar 175727 Apr 1829New Middletown, Mahoning County, Ohio, USAI1462
24 Wuertemberger, Mary Rosina1766  I5769
25 Wuertemberger, William08 Apr 1785Abt 1840Meigs County, Tennessee, USAI1488

Primary Death events within Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA (Tree:Robin)

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 ??, FronicaAbt 1800Abt 1725Pennsylvania or GermanyI2173
2 BACON, JeremiahAbt 1810Abt 1720Gloucester County, New Jersey, USAI4645
3 Bacon, Nancy 1800(here)I6862
4 Wuertemberger, Anna MariaMar 176520 Nov 1764(here)I5771
5 Wuertemberger, Anna Maria03 Nov 179001 Jul 1789(here)I3707
6 WUERTEMBERGER, Johann Adam17821733GermanyI4973

Civil events within Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA (Tree:Robin)

   Name  Civil BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bacon, John Sr.05 Dec 1774Abt 1759Maidencreek Twp,  Washington County, Tennessee, USAI2978

Residence events within Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA (Tree:Robin)

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 BACON, Charles Montgomery1789Abt 1760Maidencreek Twp, 1821Washington County, Tennessee, USAI2738
2 BACON, Jeremiah1779Abt 1720Gloucester County, New Jersey, USAAbt 1810Maidencreek Twp, I4645
3 ''1785''''''''''
4 ''1790''''''''''
5 Bacon, Jonathan 'Daunt'1779Betw 1752 and 1765Maidencreek Twp, Abt 1830Washington County, Tennessee, USAI515
6 Bacon, Thomas17931750Maidencreek Twp, 1817Pennsylvania, USAI5174
7 ''1817''''''''''
8 WUERTEMBERGER, John Adam179022 Feb 1760Reading, Jul 1825Washington County, Tennessee, USAI64

Primary Marriage events within Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA (Tree:Robin)

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Charles Montgomery BACON / Eva Neumann08 Apr 1793F931
2 James Bacon / Magdalene Neumann05 Feb 1793F1009
3 John Adam WUERTEMBERGER / Maria Elizabeth FERNTZELER04 Feb 1783F30
4 John Bacon / Polly BrownAbt 1775F1012
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