June 11th issue in 1851 of The Arkansas Gazette.

June 11. -General Matthew Arbuckle, age 75 years, commander of the Seventh Military Department of the U. S. Army with headquarters at Fort Smith (see May 8, 1850) died in his quarters at the garrison. The Fort Smith Herald said of him in an account of his career of 50 years in the army, about 30 of which were spent on the Arkansas frontier: "His life and character is identified with the history of Arkansas. Although he took no part in the politics of the state, yet he ever manifested a deep feeling of interest in her growth and prosperity, being thoroughly acquainted with the topography of the state, with her vast resources, and aware, too, of the neglect on the part of the general government of her rights, he was always active in setting forth her claims. He was very active in opening the road from Arkansas to California (see March 16, 1849), which will one day be the great overland thoroughfare from the Western states to the Pacific, and will be one of the crowning acts of his life. Though not permitted to see the consumation of this his fondest and ardent hope, yet a generation will arise that will do justice to his memory for his activity and zeal in this great American enterprise." He was buried at Fort Smith with military and Masonic honors. Sic This was probably printed in error as his headstone rests in this Arbuckle cemetery.


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