Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Thomas Blossom


Robert Charles Anderson


Birth: He was born about 1580, probably the son of Peter and Annabel Blossom of Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire.

Death: He died in Plymouth before March 25, 1633.

Ship: Mayflower, 1629

Life in England: If the above identification is correct,Thomas Blossom was one of at least seven children born to Peter Blossom and his second wife, Annabel _____. The Blossoms lived first at Great Shelford, then possibly Little Shelford, and moved to Stapleford, probably about 1582. He described himself as a”husbandman” [small farmer] in a 1585 deposition, but as a “labourer” in his 1597 will, indicating a lower economic status. After his death, his wife married (2) Richard Bracher at Stapleford on February 6, 1597/8, and moved with him to Cambridge.The educated language of Thomas Blossom’s letters to William Bradford have led some to speculate that Blossom attended Cambridge University, but there is no mention of his name in university records.

Life in Holland: Thomas Blossom arrived in Leiden before October 27, 1609. His occupation while there was not recorded. He was one of the passengers of the Speedwell (companion of the Mayflower in the 1620 voyage) which turned back due to leakiness and was ultimately abandoned. He returned to Leiden until he and others emigrated to Plymouth Colony in 1629.

Life in New England: Thomas Blossom and his family sailed from England in March 1629 aboard theMayflower (not the original ship) and arrived in Salem on March 15, 1629. They were brought to Plymouth by boat and lived there until Thomas died in the “infectious feaver” of 1632/3.

Family: Thomas Blossom married Anne Elsdon on November 10, 1605, at St. Clement, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and had six children. She married (2) Henry Rowley at Plymouth on October 17, 1633.

Children of Thomas and Anne Blossom: