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Butler County, Kentucky, USA (Tree:Robin)


Butler County, Kentucky, USA
Old Gidcumb Cemetery
Kuykendall Cemetery
Old Wand Cemetery
Andrew Kuykendall Cemetery
Sugar Grove
Little Muddy Cemetery

Cemeteries within Butler County, Kentucky, USA

  Cemetery Name Cemetery Location Associated Placename
1.Andrew Kuykendall CemeteryButler County, Kentucky, USAAndrew Kuykendall Cemetery
2.Kuykendall CemeteryButler County, Kentucky, USAKuykendall Cemetery
3.Little Muddy CemeteryButler County, Kentucky, USALittle Muddy Cemetery
4.Old Gidcumb CemeteryButler County, Kentucky, USAOld Gidcumb Cemetery
5.Old Wand CemeteryButler County, Kentucky, USAOld Wand Cemetery

Primary Birth events within Butler County, Kentucky, USA (Tree:Robin)

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   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Helm, Amanda O16 Jul 1858Morgantown19 Aug 1899Kentucky, USAI7109
2 Kuykendall, Adeline06 Jun 1836(here)20 Sep 1899 I5556
3 Kuykendall, Allen1833(here)  I6945
4 Kuykendall, Alma EAbt 1875(here)01 May 1958(here)I7269
5 Kuykendall, Almarinda Ann08 Nov 1840(here)02 Mar 1892(here)I598
6 Kuykendall, Alney21 Dec 1812(here)11 Dec 1856Calloway County, Kentucky, USAI1972
7 Kuykendall, AndrewAbt 1849(here)  I5737
8 Kuykendall, Andrew D22 Jul 1844(here)19 Aug 1926Lamar County, Texas, USAI3296
9 Kuykendall, Ann1802(here)1833Calloway County, Kentucky, USAI5645
10 Kuykendall, Anna Belle1871(here)12 Apr 1963Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky, USAI7277
11 Kuykendall, Beulah16 Jun 1885(here)Sep 1974Warren County, Kentucky, USAI6797
12 Kuykendall, Calvin H27 Aug 1865(here)12 Oct 1921McCracken County, Kentucky, USAI7437
13 Kuykendall, Charles David02 Jun 1869(here)19 Aug 1939Stephens County, Texas, USAI4472
14 Kuykendall, Elba Isle18 Dec 1853(here)17 Jul 1928Lamar County, Texas, USAI2561
15 Kuykendall, Eliza12 Mar 1832(here)16 Oct 1883(here)I2972
16 Kuykendall, Elizabeth Jane12 Aug 1867Morgantown29 Dec 1951Paris, Lamar County, Texas, USAI4874
17 Kuykendall, Ernest Clyde25 Apr 1897(here)02 Feb 1962Houston, Harris County, Texas, USAI5036
18 Kuykendall, Eva26 Dec 1868(here)29 Apr 1954Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky, USAI44
19 Kuykendall, Hardin1808(here)1836Calloway County, Kentucky, USAI4751
20 Kuykendall, Harriet1839(here)06 Sep 1872Ohio County, Kentucky, USAI6429
21 Kuykendall, Howard P1810(here)18 Aug 1876Kentucky, USAI5643
22 Kuykendall, James1845(here)10 Sep 1854(here)I3652
23 Kuykendall, James EMar 1873(here)  I4345
24 Kuykendall, John A17 Aug 1853(here)23 Oct 1925Ballard County, Kentucky, USAI3740
25 Kuykendall, Joseph B20 Sep 1828(here)30 Oct 1905 I6996
26 Kuykendall, Josiah1825(here)1885Matagorda County, Texas, USAI738
27 Kuykendall, Justice S17 May 1902(here)Jul 1972Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, USAI1191
28 Kuykendall, Lizie JJul 1890(here)  I6813
29 Kuykendall, Magdalen26 Dec 1920(here)07 Jul 1995Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USAI1741
30 Kuykendall, Magdaline E03 Jan 1863(here)11 Oct 1936Warren County, Kentucky, USAI3998

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Primary Death events within Butler County, Kentucky, USA (Tree:Robin)

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Burgher, Magdaline15 Dec 1876(here)16 Sep 1802Virginia, USAI6717
2 Hardin, Margaret Jane1841Morgantown1763Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USAI446
3 Hatcher, James D11 Oct 1928(here)24 Jan 1858Wilson County, Tennessee, USAI2591
4 Kuykendall, Alma E01 May 1958(here)Abt 1875(here)I7269
5 Kuykendall, Almarinda Ann02 Mar 1892(here)08 Nov 1840(here)I598
6 Kuykendall, Andrew Ray28 Dec 1839(here)23 Jan 1792North Carolina, USAI6366
7 Kuykendall, Eliza16 Oct 1883(here)12 Mar 1832(here)I2972
8 Kuykendall, James10 Sep 1854(here)1845(here)I3652
9 Kuykendall, John15 Feb 1860(here)1784Burke County, North Carolina, USAI3725
10 Kuykendall, Margaret15 Nov 1855Morgantown1800MorgantownI7010
11 Kuykendall, Mariah J31 Jan 1899(here)05 Nov 1820(here)I5993
12 Kuykendall, Mark Hardin05 Dec 1859(here)12 Mar 1796Logan County, Kentucky, USAI5517
13 Kuykendall, Mary Davis25 Apr 1901(here)24 May 1825(here)I5167
14 Kuykendall, Matthew25 Sep 1845Morgantown24 Oct 1758Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USAI3199
15 Kuykendall, Matthew Jr11 Jun 1865(here)05 Jul 1794Smith County, Tennessee, USAI529
16 Kuykendall, Matthew15 Jul 1876(here)23 Oct 1845(here)I5024
17 Kuykendall, Melinda19 Feb 1877(here)16 Dec 1829(here)I6539
18 Kuykendall, Moses Warren29 Mar 1899(here)02 Jan 1831(here)I2967
19 Kuykendall, Robert King14 Oct 1924(here)13 Aug 1841(here)I7181
20 Kuykendall, Thomas Hardin20 Feb 1911(here)04 Jan 1861(here)I4067
21 Lee, James B18 Dec 1913(here)26 Dec 1837Kentucky, USAI3267
22 Lee, John K28 Sep 1959(here)Abt 1872Kentucky, USAI3340
23 Sterrett, Robert04 Jan 1888(here)13 Jul 1822Kentucky, USAI3656
24 Sublett, Elizabeth28 May 1871(here)27 Nov 1800Campbell County, Virginia, USAI2364
25 Talbot, Martha08 May 1873(here)08 May 1804(here)I2596
26 Thornton, Mary Jane09 Dec 1926Morgantown17 Jul 1846MorgantownI4577
27 Waggener, Almeda Emelia 'Elmedy'13 Feb 1853(here)04 Dec 1820(here)I3845
28 Wand, Powell06 Oct 1820Morgantown23 Oct 1796Frederick County, Virginia, USAI7775

Primary Burial events within Butler County, Kentucky, USA (Tree:Robin)

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Burgher, Magdaline Andrew Kuykendall Cemetery16 Sep 1802Virginia, USA15 Dec 1876(here)I6717
2 Hardin, Margaret Jane Old Wand Cemetery1763Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA1841MorgantownI446
3 Hatcher, James D Little Muddy Cemetery24 Jan 1858Wilson County, Tennessee, USA11 Oct 1928(here)I2591
4 Kuykendall, Andrew Ray Andrew Kuykendall Cemetery23 Jan 1792North Carolina, USA28 Dec 1839(here)I6366
5 Kuykendall, Eliza (here)12 Mar 1832(here)16 Oct 1883(here)I2972
6 Kuykendall, Eva Little Muddy Cemetery26 Dec 1868(here)29 Apr 1954Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky, USAI44
7 Kuykendall, Magdaline E Little Muddy Cemetery03 Jan 1863(here)11 Oct 1936Warren County, Kentucky, USAI3998
8 Kuykendall, Margaret Old Wand Cemetery1800Morgantown15 Nov 1855MorgantownI7010
9 Kuykendall, Mariah J Little Muddy Cemetery05 Nov 1820(here)31 Jan 1899(here)I5993
10 Kuykendall, Mark Hardin Kuykendall Cemetery12 Mar 1796Logan County, Kentucky, USA05 Dec 1859(here)I5517
11 Kuykendall, Matthew Jr Old Gidcumb Cemetery05 Jul 1794Smith County, Tennessee, USA11 Jun 1865(here)I529
12 Kuykendall, Matthew Andrew Kuykendall Cemetery16 Oct 1824White County, Illinois, USA29 May 1906 I7001
13 Kuykendall, Melinda Old Gidcumb Cemetery16 Dec 1829(here)19 Feb 1877(here)I6539
14 Kuykendall, Moses Warren Andrew Kuykendall Cemetery02 Jan 1831(here)29 Mar 1899(here)I2967
15 Kuykendall, Robert King Little Muddy Cemetery13 Aug 1841(here)14 Oct 1924(here)I7181
16 Sterrett, Robert Little Muddy Cemetery13 Jul 1822Kentucky, USA04 Jan 1888(here)I3656
17 Sublett, Elizabeth Kuykendall Cemetery27 Nov 1800Campbell County, Virginia, USA28 May 1871(here)I2364
18 Talbot, Martha Old Gidcumb Cemetery08 May 1804(here)08 May 1873(here)I2596
19 Thornton, Mary Jane Little Muddy Cemetery17 Jul 1846Morgantown09 Dec 1926MorgantownI4577
20 Wand, Powell Old Wand Cemetery23 Oct 1796Frederick County, Virginia, USA06 Oct 1820MorgantownI7775

Residence events within Butler County, Kentucky, USA (Tree:Robin)

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   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 ??, Mary E1900(here)Nov 1862Kentucky, USA  I1143
2 ''1910(here)''''''''''
3 Burgher, Magdaline1870(here)16 Sep 1802Virginia, USA15 Dec 1876(here)I6717
4 Cook, James M1880WoodburyAbt 1822Kentucky, USA  I6297
5 Hatcher, James D1900Woodbury24 Jan 1858Wilson County, Tennessee, USA11 Oct 1928(here)I2591
6 Helm, Amanda O1860(here)16 Jul 1858Morgantown19 Aug 1899Kentucky, USAI7109
7 ''1880Woodbury''''''''''
8 Jackson, Isaac Newton1880MorgantownAbt 1825Washington County, Tennessee, USA  I6878
9 Jones, Maud1900Woodbury11 Feb 1870Kentucky, USA05 Sep 1937Breckenridge, Stephens County, Texas, USAI5348
10 Kuykendall, Abraham1820MorgantownAbt 1784North Carolina, USAAft 1850Kentucky, USAI5828
11 ''1830(here)''''''''''
12 Kuykendall, Allen1850(here)1833(here)  I6945
13 Kuykendall, Alma E1880(here)Abt 1875(here)01 May 1958(here)I7269
14 ''1930(here)''''''''''
15 Kuykendall, Almarinda Ann1870Morgantown08 Nov 1840(here)02 Mar 1892(here)I598
16 ''1880Morgantown''''''''''
17 Kuykendall, Andrew1870WoodburyAbt 1849(here)  I5737
18 Kuykendall, Anna Belle1880(here)1871(here)12 Apr 1963Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky, USAI7277
19 ''1963(here)''''''''''
20 Kuykendall, Beulah1900(here)16 Jun 1885(here)Sep 1974Warren County, Kentucky, USAI6797
21 ''1920Morgantown''''''''''
22 ''1930Morgantown''''''''''
23 ''1974Morgantown''''''''''
24 Kuykendall, Calvin1850(here)20 Jan 1827White County, Illinois, USA20 Sep 1893 I6207
25 ''1860(here)''''''''''
26 Kuykendall, Calvin H1880Woodbury27 Aug 1865(here)12 Oct 1921McCracken County, Kentucky, USAI7437
27 Kuykendall, Charles David1880Woodbury02 Jun 1869(here)19 Aug 1939Stephens County, Texas, USAI4472
28 ''1900Woodbury''''''''''
29 Kuykendall, Clara M1920Sugar GroveAbt 1911Kentucky, USA  I8478
30 Kuykendall, Eliza1870Woodbury12 Mar 1832(here)16 Oct 1883(here)I2972

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Primary Marriage events within Butler County, Kentucky, USA (Tree:Robin)

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Christopher Thomas / Harriet Kuykendall13 Oct 1856(here)F1400
2 James Henchey Sublette / Margarett Kuykendall16 Nov 1852(here)F2088
3 John Kuykendall / Almeda Emelia 'Elmedy' Waggener05 Dec 1835(here)F1283
4 Matthew Kuykendall / Martha Talbot01 Dec 1819(here)F158
5 Moses Warren Kuykendall / Eliza Kuykendall17 Nov 1852(here)F1006
6 Robert King Kuykendall / Mary Jane Thornton12 Jun 1866(here)F2422
7 Thomas Kiar Kuykendall / Zelda Elizabeth Schultz01 Sep 1909(here)F2336
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