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New Jersey, USA: Robin's Roots

New Jersey, USA  New Jersey, USA


New Jersey, USA

Primary Birth events in New Jersey, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Ayres, Enoch AAbt 179617 Apr 1867Wantage, Sussex CountyI30334
2 Brown, SamuelAbt 1717Abt 1750Augusta County, Virginia, _I26410
3 Coykendall, Margaret16 Feb 183517 May 1916Port Jervis, Orange County, New York, _I22322
4 Coykendall, Samuel Decker3 Sep 179112 Sep 1837 I26570
5 Dalton, Phillip Henry25 Dec 183310 Jan 1901Arcott, Clay County, Tennessee, _I29745
6 Drake, Jacob1690  I27931
7 Fitzrandolph, Paul1736  I31403
8 Kuykendall, Abraham UNKNOWNPennsylvania, _I22282
9 Kuykendall, Henry UNKNOWNPennsylvania, _I22285
10 Kuykendall, James UNKNOWNPennsylvania, _I22283
11 Kuykendall, John UNKNOWNPennsylvania, _I22284
12 Mayberry, George WashingtonAbt 176011 Nov 1848Perry County, Alabama, _I31102
13 Mershon, Elizabeth22 Jun 171412 Mar 1784 I28808
14 Mershon, SarahAbt 1717  I28813
15 Miles, Bessie NAbt 1901  I27221
16 Newbern, Samuel C3 Sep 18392 Oct 1932 I21351
17 Pridemore, Elizabeth1703  I27175
18 Pyatt, James1704  I31296
19 Richmond, Elizabeth Jane21 Oct 182823 Jun 1858Madison County, Ohio, _I28901
20 Shepherd, Malinda23 Dec 180114 Aug 1864Orange County, New York, _I26933
21 Skillman, Abraham178216 Mar 1859Hamilton County, Ohio, _I25905
22 Skillman, BenjaminAbt 1740  I25899
23 Skillman, IsaacAbt 1734  I25896
24 Skillman, John1742Bef 1777Alexandria Township, Hunterdon CountyI25900
25 Skillman, Sarah1738  I25898
26 Skinner, Catharine17681855Breckinridge County, Kentucky, _I26181
27 Smith, Andrew III4 Sep 170920 Mar 1785(here)I28812
28 Walker, Patience16797 Apr 1762Piscataway, Middlesex CountyI30086

Primary Death events in New Jersey, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Aten, Jan17431672Flatbush, Kings County, New York, _I25880
2 Gibbs, Cutbury Catharine16678 Jul 1628Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, _I21903
3 Hunt, Ursula30 Sep 183220 Mar 1763 I27400
4 Kool, Katryntje180330 May 1738Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, _I26215
5 Sharp, John1729Abt 1660 I31135
6 Skillman, Jacob188 Feb 17901735 I25821
7 Skillman, Thomas17 Aug 182318 Aug 1756 I25934
8 Smith, Andrew III20 Mar 17854 Sep 1709(here)I28812
9 Trotter, Rebecca17025 Jul 1655Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, _I21901

Residence events in New Jersey, USA

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Kuykendall, Martinus1760Jun 1734Minisink, Sussex CountyBef 16 Oct 1762Montague, Sussex CountyI22306

Primary Marriage events in New Jersey, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Aaron Mershon / Mary GapenAbt 1769F23915
2 Ezekiel Bloomfield / Hope FitzRandolph1680F22217
3 Jan (John) Skillman / Anna Hull F20845
4 John Hamton / Jane Curtis27 May 1697F26991
5 John Skillman / Maria Veghte25 Dec 1778F22236
6 Joseph Fitzrandolph / Rebecca Drake22 May 1712F22970
7 Paul Fitzrandolph / Ann Fitzrandolph1757F27142
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