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Hull Brothers Migration from New Hampshire to New Jersey

My notes on two sources of information about the migration of Benjamin, Samuel, and Hopewell Hull from New Hampshire to New Jersey.

In the biography of Capt Benjamin Hull (1639-1713) in The Hull Family in America, by Col. Weygand

"At the commencement of the Indian wars, he was a member of Capt. Robert Mason's troop of horse, and was subsequently commissioned Captain. For several years previous to 1676, he lived at or near Cocheco (Dover), in the heart of the Piscataqua country.  On Mar 22, 1678, he deeded his land at Dover to one John Rand, and removed to Piscataqua (sic), Middlesex Co, Nj, where he had previously purchased 498 acres of land.  In the year last named he was granted a license to keep a tavern in said New Piscataqua."

Col. Weygand's bio of Hopewell Hull says

"In 1666, Hopewell Hull accompanied Robert Martin to New Jersey, and joined with him and two others in the purchase of a township plot of wild land location in the county of Middlesex, which they named Piscataqua, after the region they had migrated from in New Hampshire".

So, Benjamin Hull may or may not have been one of the two people who went to New Jersey in 1666.  In any case, he evidently didn't fully move there until 1678.

The information below comes from an unsourced story posted to by geoRock150.

I have added the brothers' parents' names [in brackets]

- Robin Richmond, Nov 2015


Samuel Hull

In 1666 Samuel, along with brothers Hopewell and Benjamin and friend John Martin, left the Piscataqua River Valley of New Hampshire for the town of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ. The town was named after the location in New Hampshire. Hopewell and Benjamin were two of the founders of the town. Samuel lived in Piscataway and neighboring Woodbridge. The brothers left NH because of their Quaker beliefs but they did run into some trouble in New Jersey. He received land in Woodbridge on 18 Mar 1669. Samuel married first (16 Oct 1677) Mary Manning, daughter of Jeffery Manning and Hephsibah Andrews, in Piscataway. He married Margaret second sometime between 1687 and 1702. In 1682 Samuel owned land next to John Martin. On 20 Dec 1687 he was a witness to Ester Martin's will. On 10 May 1688 he bought 80 acres of land along Doty Brook in Piscataway. He signed a petition in 1701 and was on many deeds between 1705 and 1715. He lived on Dotie’s Brook.  He died in Piscataway in 1734.

brothers and sisters:

First wife: [of Rev. Joseph Hull, Joanne Coffin]

Joanna b. (1620) England  m. (28 Nov 1639) Capt. John Burley, Sandwich MA  m. (1671) Dolar Davis, Sandwich  d. (aft 1683)

Joseph b. (1622) Northleigh, Devonshire, England  m. (ca 1641) _, York ME

Tristram b. (1624)  Northleigh m. (1643) Blanche  d. Barnstable MA (22 Feb 1667)

Temperance b. (1626) England m. John Bickford

Elizabeth b. (1628) England m. (1643) Capt. John Heard, York ME  d. (30 Nov 1706)

Griselda b. (1630) England m. James Warren

Dorothy b. (1632)  England m. (1657) Oliver Kent  m. Benjamin Matthews  d. NH (ca 1691)

Second wife: [of Rev Joseph Hull, Agnes ??]

Sarah b. (1636) Weymouth MA  d. Weymouth (1674)

Hopewell (above)

Benjamin bp. (24 Mar 1639) Hingham MA  m. (1668) Rachel York, Dover NH  - to NJ in 1666 -  d. NJ (1713)

Naomi bp. (23 Mar 1639-0) Barnstable MA  m. (1656) Davy Daniel  m. (4 Jan 1676) Thomas Burnham, Killingworth CT   d. (aft 1685)

Ruth bp. (9 May 1641-2) Barnstable  d. York ME (1647)

Rueben b. (ca 1644) bp. (23 Jan 1649) Weymouth  m. (Sep 1763) Hannah Fernside, Portsmouth   d. Portsmouth NH  (3 Dec 1689)

Samuel (above)

Dodavan  b. (ca 1646) Barnstable MA m. Mary Seward  d. (will 6 Jun 1682)

Phineas b. (1647) York ME  m. (1673-9) Jerusa Hitchcock  m. (aft 1689) Mary Sayward  d. ME (1693)

Pricilla  b.(1652) Launceston, Cornwall, England  d. Weymouth MA (9 Jun 1652)


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