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Connecting Adam Dickinson of Massachusetts with Adam Dickenson of Virginia

Attempting to determine whether the two Adam Dick*nsons are the same person. Hyperlinks to people are to profiles in my website.
©2018 by Robin Richmond
  1. Adam Dickinson of Massachusetts
    Adam Dickinson (spelled with an i) was born to a prominent New England family on 5 Feb 1701-2. His birth, like those of all of his siblings, is well documented in Springfield town records. The marriages of of Adams's siblings, and the births of many of his nieces and nephews are similarly recorded. But there does not appear to be any record of Adam Dickinson in New England after his birth.

  2. Adam Dickinson's ancestors
    Adam was the seventh child of Hezekiah Dickinson (1645-1707) and Abigail Blakeman (1663-1719). ...more...

  3. Adam Dickenson of Virginia
    Adam Dickenson (spelled with an e), my 7x great-grandfather, was one of the first permanent settlers in the Cowpasture Region of central Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He settled there in 1744, when the Cowpasture (named after a river) was very much on the Virginia frontier. ...more...

  4. Adam Dickenson's Descendants
    The window of Adam Dickenson was named Catherine. Adam died intestate, and court records regarding of his estate establish his wife's given name. According to many poorly-sources accounts, she was named Catherine Stephenson. Adam and Catharine had three children - two daughters, Abigail and Mary, and a son, John. ...more...

  5. Reconciling the two Adam Dick*nsons as one person
    No historical records tied to his time in Virginia reveal his place of birth or parents, and only one Virginia history book appears to remarks at all on events in his life before he appeared in Virginia. Nonetheless I am comfortable asserting that Adam Dickinson of Massachusetts and Adam Dickenson of Virginia are the same person. ...more...

  6. Geographical Notes on Bath and Augusta Counties, and "The Cowpasture"
    Bath County - the subject of the book excerpted below - wasn't created until 1790, well after the events described in the book. Most of these events happened in what was then part of Augusta County. As late as 1775, Augusta County extended indefinitely westward, through what is now West Virginia, and beyond. In 1776, the territory that is now in West Virginia was separated from Augusta County, and the northeast and southeast corners of Augusta County were separated into Rockingham and Rockbridge Counties, respectively. Bath County was created from the western end of Augusta County and the northernmost part of Botetourt County. Then, in 1822, Alleghany County was formed from portions of Botetourt and Bath Counties. ...more...
- Robin Richmond, Cleveland, Ohio, April 2018, ©2018 ...more...

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