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Henderson, Rusk, TX


Tree: Brachfield/Wolfe

Latitude: 32.1532156, Longitude: -94.7993802

Tree: Deliot/Azcarraga

Latitude: 32.1532156, Longitude: -94.7993802


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ballenger, Lois  03 Aug 1897Henderson, Rusk, TX I120 Brachfield/Wolfe 
2 Marwil, Bernie  01 Jan 1897Henderson, Rusk, TX I103 Brachfield/Wolfe 
3 Marwil, Doris Carolyn  03 Aug 1918Henderson, Rusk, TX I90 Brachfield/Wolfe 
4 Marwil, Gus Isaac  18 Aug 1894Henderson, Rusk, TX I107 Brachfield/Wolfe 
5 Marwil, Leo  26 Apr 1899Henderson, Rusk, TX I49 Brachfield/Wolfe 
6 Marwil, Mose Hiriam  10 Feb 1886Henderson, Rusk, TX I56 Brachfield/Wolfe 
7 Marwil, Shirley Helen  24 Dec 1924Henderson, Rusk, TX I72 Brachfield/Wolfe 
8 Marwil, Stanley Jackson  13 Aug 1921Henderson, Rusk, TX I91 Brachfield/Wolfe 
9 Marwil, Vera Janet  15 Jan 1915Henderson, Rusk, TX I76 Brachfield/Wolfe 
10 Marwilsky, Fay  20 Jan 1891Henderson, Rusk, TX I106 Brachfield/Wolfe 
11 Sachs, Nita  14 Jun 1898Henderson, Rusk, TX I25 Brachfield/Wolfe 
12 Sachs, Sam  06 Jun 1895Henderson, Rusk, TX I24 Brachfield/Wolfe 
13 Sidder, Iris Francine  09 Apr 1944Henderson, Rusk, TX I73 Brachfield/Wolfe 
14 Williams, Birdie  03 Jan 1892Henderson, Rusk, TX I100 Brachfield/Wolfe 
15 Williams, Charles Louis  20 Mar 1912Henderson, Rusk, TX I20 Brachfield/Wolfe 
16 Williams, Charlotte (Lottie)  17 Jan 1904Henderson, Rusk, TX I18 Brachfield/Wolfe 
17 Williams, Edith Lillian  11 Aug 1897Henderson, Rusk, TX I15 Brachfield/Wolfe 
18 Williams, Ray  04 Sep 1907Henderson, Rusk, TX I17 Brachfield/Wolfe 
19 Wolf, Frances L (Fanny)  22 Jan 1899Henderson, Rusk, TX I52 Brachfield/Wolfe 
20 Wolfe, Alfred Sigmund  14 Jun 1914Henderson, Rusk, TX I67 Brachfield/Wolfe 
21 Wolfe, Alice Lynn  11 Aug 1911Henderson, Rusk, TX I9 Brachfield/Wolfe 
22 Wolfe, Charles Louis (Louie)  21 Apr 1902Henderson, Rusk, TX I54 Brachfield/Wolfe 
23 Wolfe, Clara Lynn (Cacky)  08 May 1909Henderson, Rusk, TX I6 Brachfield/Wolfe 
24 Wolfe, Edwin Nathan (Teddy)  26 Oct 1907Henderson, Rusk, TX I7 Brachfield/Wolfe 
25 Wolfe, Joseph Myer  05 Apr 1916Henderson, Rusk, TX I8 Brachfield/Wolfe 
26 Wolfe, Judith Frances  27 Sep 1953Henderson, Rusk, TX I110 Brachfield/Wolfe 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ballenger, Lois  25 Nov 1986Henderson, Rusk, TX I120 Brachfield/Wolfe 
2 Baruch, Yetta  12 Aug 1920Henderson, Rusk, TX I69 Brachfield/Wolfe 
3 Brachfield, (Judge) Charles Louis  06 Jun 1947Henderson, Rusk, TX I48 Brachfield/Wolfe 
4 Brachfield, Benjamin J  31 Mar 1918Henderson, Rusk, TX I64 Brachfield/Wolfe 
5 Brachfield, Jeannette Hannah (Nettie)  03 Oct 1933Henderson, Rusk, TX I68 Brachfield/Wolfe 
6 Brachfield, Lena  03 Jun 1933Henderson, Rusk, TX I41 Brachfield/Wolfe 
7 Dunn, Arlyne  24 Aug 2001Henderson, Rusk, TX I27 Brachfield/Wolfe 
8 Jackson, Estella Carolyn  05 Nov 1962Henderson, Rusk, TX I55 Brachfield/Wolfe 
9 Marwil, Bernie  15 Sep 1932Henderson, Rusk, TX I103 Brachfield/Wolfe 
10 Marwil, Gus Isaac  20 Dec 1954Henderson, Rusk, TX I107 Brachfield/Wolfe 
11 Marwil, Leo  03 Nov 1987Henderson, Rusk, TX I49 Brachfield/Wolfe 
12 Marwil, Mose Hiriam  30 Nov 1966Henderson, Rusk, TX I56 Brachfield/Wolfe 
13 Marwilsky, Nathan Louis  19 Oct 1941Henderson, Rusk, TX I70 Brachfield/Wolfe 
14 Williams, Julius  24 Jan 1920Henderson, Rusk, TX I42 Brachfield/Wolfe 
15 Wolf, Frances L (Fanny)  18 Mar 1936Henderson, Rusk, TX I52 Brachfield/Wolfe 
16 Wolfe, Charles Louis (Louie)  24 Apr 1959Henderson, Rusk, TX I54 Brachfield/Wolfe 
17 Wolfe, Edwin Nathan (Teddy)  17 Aug 1998Henderson, Rusk, TX I7 Brachfield/Wolfe 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Azcarraga, Raquel Sofia  1992Henderson, Rusk, TX I66 Brachfield/Wolfe 
2 Ballenger, Lois  1900Henderson, Rusk, TX I120 Brachfield/Wolfe 
3 Ballenger, Lois  1930Henderson, Rusk, TX I120 Brachfield/Wolfe 
4 Ballenger, Lois  1940Henderson, Rusk, TX I120 Brachfield/Wolfe 
5 Baruch, Yetta  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I69 Brachfield/Wolfe 
6 Baruch, Yetta  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I69 Brachfield/Wolfe 
7 Baruch, Yetta  1900Henderson, Rusk, TX I69 Brachfield/Wolfe 
8 Baruch, Yetta  1920Henderson, Rusk, TX I69 Brachfield/Wolfe 
9 Brachfield, (Judge) Charles Louis  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I48 Brachfield/Wolfe 
10 Brachfield, (Judge) Charles Louis  1900Henderson, Rusk, TX I48 Brachfield/Wolfe 
11 Brachfield, (Judge) Charles Louis  1920Henderson, Rusk, TX I48 Brachfield/Wolfe 
12 Brachfield, (Judge) Charles Louis  1930Henderson, Rusk, TX I48 Brachfield/Wolfe 
13 Brachfield, (Judge) Charles Louis  1935Henderson, Rusk, TX I48 Brachfield/Wolfe 
14 Brachfield, (Judge) Charles Louis  1940Henderson, Rusk, TX I48 Brachfield/Wolfe 
15 Brachfield, Benjamin J  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I64 Brachfield/Wolfe 
16 Brachfield, Benjamin J  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I64 Brachfield/Wolfe 
17 Brachfield, Benjamin J  1900Henderson, Rusk, TX I64 Brachfield/Wolfe 
18 Brachfield, Esther  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I44 Brachfield/Wolfe 
19 Brachfield, Esther  1900Henderson, Rusk, TX I44 Brachfield/Wolfe 
20 Brachfield, Frieda  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I43 Brachfield/Wolfe 
21 Brachfield, Frieda  1900Henderson, Rusk, TX I43 Brachfield/Wolfe 
22 Brachfield, Frieda  1920Henderson, Rusk, TX I43 Brachfield/Wolfe 
23 Brachfield, Jeannette Hannah (Nettie)  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I68 Brachfield/Wolfe 
24 Brachfield, Jeannette Hannah (Nettie)  1910Henderson, Rusk, TX I68 Brachfield/Wolfe 
25 Brachfield, Jeannette Hannah (Nettie)  1930Henderson, Rusk, TX I68 Brachfield/Wolfe 
26 Brachfield, Jeannette Hannah (Nettie)  1940Henderson, Rusk, TX I68 Brachfield/Wolfe 
27 Brachfield, Lena  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I41 Brachfield/Wolfe 
28 Brachfield, Lena  1910Henderson, Rusk, TX I41 Brachfield/Wolfe 
29 Brachfield, Rosa  1880Henderson, Rusk, TX I46 Brachfield/Wolfe 
30 Brachfield, Rosa  1900Henderson, Rusk, TX I46 Brachfield/Wolfe 

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Frost / Marwil  01 Sep 1939Henderson, Rusk, TX F32 Brachfield/Wolfe 
2 Marwil / Ballenger  04 Jul 1935Henderson, Rusk, TX F42 Brachfield/Wolfe 
3 Marwilsky / Brachfield  1885Henderson, Rusk, TX F21 Brachfield/Wolfe 
4 Sachs / Brachfield  1894Henderson, Rusk, TX F12 Brachfield/Wolfe 
5 Williams / Brachfield  1891Henderson, Rusk, TX F11 Brachfield/Wolfe 
6 Wolf / Brachfield  20 Mar 1898Henderson, Rusk, TX F14 Brachfield/Wolfe 
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