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My old Family Tree Reports site has been replaced by a dynamic database-driven application that generates up-to-date web pages "on the fly". and which I call Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database

Note that my old security gateway, with password hints, has been replaced by a more typical userid/password login scheme. As before, anyone can view information about people who are no longer living, but to see information about living people, you must log in. If you haven't been to the new database application before, you may want to register for an account on the new site.

My old Horizontal Trees

I loved my old "Horizontal Trees". I felt that they gave just the right overview of a family and were more "readable" than most genealogy charts. But, alas, I never did figure out a way to generate them without a lot of manual effort, and my family tree database simply got to big for me to keep them up-to-date.

Some of my old Horizontal Trees are archived here, however

Note that almost all of the hyperlinks within my Horizontal Trees go to my old "Family Group Trees", which have been superceded by my database application. Unfortunately, the old links just go to a search page, not to the person featured in the hyperlink. You'll have to search for or navigate to the person of interest.

Family Horizontal Tree
(# of generations)
Earliest Known Ancestor
(You'll find links to these people on my new Genealogy Database Home Page
Dad's side:  
    Richmond  8  John Richmond, born ca. 1770
(too big for one horizontal tree)
 6  Charles Hutcheson, born ca. 1725 in Virginia or Ireland
 6 (gen. 5) Flavius Josephus Hutcheson, born ca. 1775 in North Carolina
(too big for one horizontal tree)
 7  Jacob Luursen, born ca. 1617 in Holland
 8 (gen. 6) Jesse Young Kuykendall, born ca 1775 in North Carolina
   Bacon  7  Jeremiah Bacon, born ca 1720 in New Jersey
   Trewhitt  12  Levi Trewhitt, born 1676 in Beaufort County, NC
Mom's side:  
   Horton  8  Azre Horton, born ca. 1820 in Tenn. or S.C.
    Hazlet  8  James Hazlet, born in 1787 in Pennsylvania
    McCutchan  5  James H McCutchen, born 1761 in Augusta Co, VA
Judith's Family:  
   Azcarraga  5  Francisco Azcarraga, born about 1856 in Panama
   Brachfield/Wolfe  6  Benjamin Brachfield, born 1836 in Prussia
   Deliot  7  Claudio Deliot, Born about 1810 in France

Here are some notes about the Horizontal Tree format and printing.