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Mod Support:

Good grief. My support form isn't working?!?!, so please use my generic comment form.

For mod conflict problems, please be sure to include the mod name and version and the relevant parts of the mod status detail from Mod Manager - perhaps like this:

line 94: %target:admin​_branches​.php% verified
line 105: %parameter:$AdminBranches:%
***The Admin Branches Queue mod must be uninstalled first***
line 130: %location:% #1 Bad target
line 138: %location:% #2 Installed
line 160: %location:% #3 Installed
line 182: %location:% #4 Installed

You don't have to save a screenshot; you can just highlight what you want, copy it, and paste it into the message. Since you will be using a text box in an HTML form, none of the colors will come through, but that's not a problem

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