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Top 30 countries (total places):

USA (5,378)
England (56)
Panama (18)
Canada (12)
Germany (12)
Netherlands (10)
France (10)
Scotland (8)
Mexico (6)
Ireland (5)
Switzerland (4)
New Netherland (4)
Wuerttemberg (4)
Spain (3)
Poland (3)
Palatinate (3)
Belgium (3)
Philippines (3)
Denmark (2)
Korea (2)
Venezuela (2)
Europe (2)
Argentina (2)
Austria (2)
Panama Canal Zone (2)
Prussia (2)
Cuba (2)
France & Germany
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This page has two search mechanisms:
  1. A simple keyword search, which will find all places that contain the string you enter. It ignores letter case.
    Note that if you search for "Kansas", you'll get every place in Kansas, plus Kansas City, Missouri and all places in Arkansas. To focus on the state of Kansas, you could search for ", Kansas".
  2. A 'Drill-Down' search that utilizes the hierarchical nature of placenames and requires you to do the searching as you drill down through the country, state, county, and city (etc.). Outside of the USA, you'll encounter situations where, for example, you go from the country to the city, without intervening provinces, regions, counties, or whatever administrative districts exist in that country. But in the USA, that drill-down process is very consistent.

    In the drill-down search, you'll see places listed three ways:

    1. Calhoun County, Texas, USA
      • The spyglass tell you that there are events for that place, and you can see those events if you click on the spyglass.
    2. Butler County, Ohio, USA(3)
      • The number in parentheses tells you that there are events in 3 places within Franklin County, and you can click on the hyperlink to see the immediately-subordinate placenames.
      • But absence of a spyglass tells you that there are no events at the specific placename Franklin County, Ohio, USA.
    3. Texas, USA(647)
      • As you might guess, there are events specifically at Texas, USA, and 647 placenames within Texas.
      • I really do have 647 places within Texas. When you click on the hyperlinklink, you'll see 178 counties (that's right, 178), where the counties have from zero (like Calhoun County, listed above) to as many as 24 subordinate places (in Harris County, which includes Houston).

    There are a few places in the USA where I know about what I'll refer to here as a region rather than a specific county or state. Examples include "New England", "Long Island, New York", and "Shenandoah Valley, Virginia". To handle those cases, I have specific lists of names that act like states or counties, but aren't states or counties.

    It is important to be aware that I don't use an online "Placename Authority" such as the one used by Google Maps, and thus I don't know about places for which I have no data. For instance, since no one in my database happens to have had any life events in (or within), Naples, Florida or Erie, Pennsylvania (or, more properly, "Naples, Collier County, Florida, USA" and \Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania, USA"), those places don't exist as far as my database is concerned.

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