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Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, USA: Robin's Roots

Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, USA  Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, USA


Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, USA

Primary Birth events in Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Hornbeck, Judith19 Aug 1716 Beverly, Randolph County, West Virginia, _I27557
2 Kool, Katryntje30 May 17381803New Jersey, _I26215
3 Kuykendall, Annetje9 May 17001768(here)I21542
4 Kuykendall, Blandina (Diana)18 Jan 17191797Knox County, Indiana, _I22289
5 Kuykendall, Hendrick10 Jul 172026 Jun 1773Sussex County, New Jersey, _I22302
6 Kuykendall, JacobAug 1737Bef 1739 I22307
7 Kuykendall, JacobOct 1739  I22308
8 Kuykendall, Jacobus19 Aug 17164 Aug 1746Indiana, _I22288
9 Kuykendall, Johannes5 Jun 1717  I22272
10 Kuykendall, Leur (Lewis)27 Oct 17061789Washington County, Pennsylvania, _I22268
11 Kuykendall, Nelletjen8 Jun 1715  I22271
12 Kuykendall, Petrus1732Jan 1822Port Jervis, _, _, _I22305
13 Kuykendall, Petrus4 Jul 1733  I22274
14 Kuykendall, Petrus (Peter)28 Jan 171917 Feb 1783Washington County, Tennessee, _I21118
15 Kuykendall, Pieter1 May 16981778 I21543
16 Kuykendall, Sara14 Jun 17021748North Carolina, _I21544
17 Kuykendall, Seyte27 Oct 1706  I21545
18 Kuykendall, Wilhelmus10 Apr 176215 Aug 1848Mamakating, Sullivan County, _, _I22330
19 Tack, Grietje Margarita ArtzeAug 16631720(here)I21535
20 Westfall, Jacob8 Jun 17151795Beverly, Randolph County, West Virginia, _I22927
21 Westfall, JacobusJan 17131780Montague, Sussex County, New Jersey, _I29038
22 Westfall, Johannes24 Jun 17111777Montague, Sussex County, New Jersey, _I22287

Primary Christening events in Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, USA

   Name  Christening BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Devins, Abraham21 Jun 1747  Abt 1825York, Ontario, CanadaI29677
2 Devins, Annetje17 Oct 1743  UNKNOWN I29676
3 Devins, Jacobus30 May 1739  19 Jan 1817Sullivan County, _, _I29675
4 Westfall, Benjamin29 Jan 1718/19    I31074

Primary Death events in Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Cool, Maritje Jacobz17287 Mar 1666Kingston, Ulster County, _, _I25715
2 Kuykendall, Annetje17689 May 1700(here)I21542
3 Quick, Thomas Theunissen11 Oct 169824 Apr 1644New Amsterdam, New NetherlandI27599
4 Tack, Grietje Margarita Artze1720Aug 1663(here)I21535
5 van Kuykendall, Luur Jacobsen172029 May 1650Kingston, Ulster County, _, _I21534
6 Westfall, Johannes Jurian172528 Jan 1659Esopus, Ulster County, _, _I25714

Residence events in Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, USA

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Cuykendall, Martinus180017 Feb 1764Minisink Ford, Sullivan County, _, _14 Dec 1843Owasco, Cayuga County, _, _I22328
2 Devins, Terrenz Timathy17401715Ulster County, _, _  I26044
3 Kittel, Catharina17531734Wawarsink, Ulster County, _, _UNKNOWN I26452
4 Kuykendall, Daniel174028 Jan 1722Rochester, Ulster County, _, _  I22303
5 Kuykendall, Elias1800Abt 1767 UNKNOWN I22331
6 ''1810''''''''''
7 Kuykendall, Margritt17597 May 1710Kingston, Ulster County, _, _  I22269
8 Kuykendall, Marretjen174022 Jun 1712Kingston, Ulster County, _, _1747Orange County, _, _I22270
9 Kuykendall, Mattheus (Matthew)1719Abt 1690Rochester, Ulster County, _, _Aft 1754Anson County, North Carolina, _I21431
10 Kuykendall, Petrus17751732(here)Jan 1822Port Jervis, _, _, _I22305
11 Shepherd, Malinda186023 Dec 1801New Jersey, _14 Aug 1864Orange County, _, _I26933
12 van Kuykendall, Luur JacobsenAbt 170029 May 1650Kingston, Ulster County, _, _1720(here)I21534
13 Westfall, Marretje174016 Aug 1685Kingston, Ulster County, _, _1753Minisink Valley, New Jersey, _I22267
14 Westfall, Sara174626 May 1691Kingston, Ulster County, _, _20 Feb 1777Hampshire County, West Virginia, _I22266

Primary Marriage events in Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, New York, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Cornelius Kuykendall / Marretje Westfall27 Oct 1705F20684
2 Daniel Kuykendall / Elizabeth Van Aken6 Nov 1748F21012
3 Hendrick Kuykendall / Elizabeth Cool21 Oct 1736F21011
4 Jacob Kuykendall / Sara Westfall3 Feb 1711/12F20683
5 Jacob Westfall / Judith Hornbeck1735F21239
6 Jan Decker / Blandina (Diana) Kuykendall1739F22457
7 Joseph Westbrook / Elizabeth Kuykendall27 Jan 1748F22307
8 Jurian Westfall / Styntje (Christina) Kuykendall1711F20997
9 Petrus Kuykendall / Catharina Kittel12 Jan 1753F21013
10 Pieter Kuykendall / Femmetje Decker8 Jul 1719F20686
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