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Williamson County, Texas, USA  Williamson County, Texas, USA


Williamson County, Texas, USA
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Liberty Hill
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Justice Precinct 6
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Milam and Williamson
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Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery, Hutto
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Primary Birth events within Williamson County, Texas, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson IDTree
1 Inez Sarah Hawkins26 Sep 1907Taylor Sickles, Caddo County, Oklahoma, USAI7952Robin
2 Louise Kubiet02 May 1911(here) Houston, Harris County, Texas, USAI9150Robin
3 Euclid Kimbro Kuykendall21 May 1886(here) TaylorI6547Robin
4 Greenup Milton Kuykendall30 Jan 1850Hutto (here)I6031Robin
5 Greenup Milton Kuykendall, Jr19 Nov 1901Taylor TaylorI965Robin
6 Helen Ruth Kuykendall03 Jan 1927Taylor Jacinto City, Harris County, Texas, USAI5738Robin
7 James "Wyatt" Kuykendall14 Aug 1843Hutto HuttoI7442Robin
8 Louisa Kate KuykendallAbt 1852Hutto HuttoI1478Robin
9 Pearl KuykendallJul 1890(here)  I4594Robin
10 Ruth Kuykendall16 Mar 1888Taylor TaylorI4888Robin
11 Sarah Louisiana Kuykendall04 Feb 1848Hutto BertramI5655Robin
12 Vivian Burns Kuykendall18 Jan 1896Taylor Houston, Harris County, Texas, USAI4853Robin
13 William E Kuykendall24 Jul 1845Hutto Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery, HuttoI2539Robin
14 Willis "Grice" Kuykendall21 Jul 1897Taylor Burnet County, Texas, USAI4852Robin

Primary Death events within Williamson County, Texas, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson IDTree
1 Josephine Kimbro04 Nov 1916(here) Texas, USAI6927Robin
2 Euclid Kimbro Kuykendall11 Sep 1945Taylor (here)I6547Robin
3 Greenup Milton Kuykendall09 Feb 1936(here) HuttoI6031Robin
4 Greenup Milton Kuykendall, Jr22 Nov 1977Taylor TaylorI965Robin
5 James "Wyatt" Kuykendall06 Feb 1891Hutto HuttoI7442Robin
6 Josiah Appleby Kuykendall30 Jan 1853Hutto Missouri, USAI5673Robin
7 Louisa Kate Kuykendall1893Hutto HuttoI1478Robin
8 Mark Cooley Kuykendall26 Feb 1853Hutto Missouri, USAI6136Robin
9 Ruth Kuykendall31 Jul 1974Taylor TaylorI4888Robin
10 Sarah Louisiana Kuykendall27 Dec 1924Bertram HuttoI5655Robin
11 William E Kuykendall16 Nov 1866Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery, Hutto HuttoI2539Robin
12 Robert Lemons02 Apr 1880(here) Missouri, USAI2608Robin
13 Hugh McLaughlin19 Dec 1947Taylor IrelandI7841Robin
14 George 'Earl' McLemore22 Oct 1985(here) Scott County, Arkansas, USAI2426Robin
15 Melissa Peveler05 Nov 1897Hutto Missouri, USAI5121Robin
16 Joyce Elizabeth Standifer27 Mar 1990Taylor Texas, USAI7386Robin

Primary Burial events within Williamson County, Texas, USA

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson IDTree
1 Greenup Milton Kuykendall Taylor Hutto (here)I6031Robin
2 James "Wyatt" Kuykendall Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery, Hutto Hutto HuttoI7442Robin
3 Sarah Louisiana Kuykendall Liberty Hill Hutto BertramI5655Robin
4 William E Kuykendall Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery, Hutto Hutto Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery, HuttoI2539Robin
5 Andrew Harrison Seargeant Liberty Hill Fayette County, Texas, USA Burnet County, Texas, USAI1650Robin

Residence events within Williamson County, Texas, USA

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   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson IDTree
1 Josephine Kimbro1900(here) Texas, USA (here)I6927Robin
2 ''1910(here)''''''''''''
3 Agnes Kuykendall1900(here) Texas, USA  I4851Robin
4 ''1920(here)''''''''''''
5 Euclid Kimbro Kuykendall1900(here) (here) TaylorI6547Robin
6 ''1920(here)''''''''''''
7 Greenup Milton Kuykendall1900(here) Hutto (here)I6031Robin
8 ''1910Justice Precinct 6''''''''''''
9 Greenup Milton Kuykendall, Jr1910(here) Taylor TaylorI965Robin
10 ''1930Taylor''''''''''''
11 ''1940(here)''''''''''''
12 Josiah Appleby Kuykendall1850Milam and Williamson Missouri, USA HuttoI5673Robin
13 Louisa Kate Kuykendall1870(here) Hutto HuttoI1478Robin
14 ''1880(here)''''''''''''
15 Mark Kuykendall1900(here) Texas, USA  I4847Robin
16 Pearl Kuykendall1900(here) (here)  I4594Robin
17 ''1920(here)''''''''''''
18 Ruth Kuykendall1900(here) Taylor TaylorI4888Robin
19 ''1930(here)''''''''''''
20 Sarah Louisiana Kuykendall1860(here) Hutto BertramI5655Robin
21 ''1880(here)''''''''''''
22 Sparks Kuykendall1900(here) Texas, USA  I4438Robin
23 Vivian Burns Kuykendall1900(here) Taylor Houston, Harris County, Texas, USAI4853Robin
24 ''1930Taylor''''''''''''
25 Willis "Grice" Kuykendall1900(here) Taylor Burnet County, Texas, USAI4852Robin
26 ''1940(here)''''''''''''
27 Nellie Edna Lee1930Taylor Texas, USA Pasadena, Harris County, Texas, USAI7357Robin
28 Hugh McLaughlin1930(here) Ireland TaylorI7841Robin
29 Melissa Peveler1850Milam and Williamson Missouri, USA HuttoI5121Robin
30 ''1870(here)''''''''''''

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Primary Marriage events within Williamson County, Texas, USA

   Family  Marriage Family IDTree
1 Andrew Harrison Seargeant / Sarah Louisiana Kuykendall04 Aug 1883TaylorF553Robin
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