Olive Irene Kuykendall

Ancestor Olive Irene Kuykendall

Female 1860 - 1908  (48 years)

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                                     ┌──Petrus (Peter) Kuykendall   (Machackemeck
                                     │      (Deerpark), Orange, NY - Washington Co, TN)      =>
                             ┌──Jesse Young Kuykendall   (North Carolina - Jackson Co, TN)
                             │       └──Mary Hampton   (Hampshire Co, WV -
                             │               Washington Co, NC)
                     ┌──Noah Hampton Kuykendall   (Jackson Co, TN -
                     │       Cookeville, Putnam, TN)
                     │       └──Jean Hall   (North Carolina - Texas)
             ┌──James Edward Kuykendall   (Jackson Co, TN - Putnam Co, TN)
             │       └──Catherine (Katie) Anderson   (Jackson Co, TN -
             │               Cookeville, Putnam, TN)
Olive Irene Kuykendall (Putnam Co, TN - Spencer, Van Buren, TN)
             │                       ┌──James Daniel Matheny   (Hope Plantation, Stafford,
             │                       │      VA - Alexandria Township, Hunterdon, NJ)      =>
             │               ┌──Elijah Matheny   (Hope Plantation, Stafford, VA -
             │               │       Kingston, Roane, TN)
             │               │       └──Diana Beasley   (Hope Plantation, Stafford, VA -
             │               │               Lexington, Fayette, KY)
             │               │          
             │       ┌──John Anderson Matheny   (Roane Co, TN - Gainesboro, Jackson, TN)
             │       │       └──Mary Ann Davis   (Virginia - Kingston, Roane, TN)
             │       │          
             └──Mary Ann (Polly) Matheny   (Roane Co, TN - Putnam Co, TN)
                     │               ┌──George Deatherage   (Virginia - Stokes Co, NC) =>
                     │       ┌──Abner Deatherage, Sr.   (Stokes Co, NC - Roane Co, TN)
                     │       │       └──Nancy Johnson   (Stokes Co, NC; - )
                     │       │          
                     └──Lucinda Deatherage   (Roane Co, TN - Gainesboro, Jackson, TN)
                             └──??   (Rutherford Co, NC - Roane Co, TN)
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