Ruey Hazlet

Descendants of Ruey Hazlet

Female 1886 - 1968  (81 years)

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Father: William Hugh Hazlet   (Milford, Iroquois, IL - Brighton, Adams, CO)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth McCutchan   (Cambria, Wayne, IA - Altus, Jackson, OK)

Ruey Hazlet (Leon, Decatur, IA - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT)
Otto Arthur Wiesley  (Coal City, Grundy, IL - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT)
      ├─ Keith Wiesley  (Cambria, Wayne, IA - Alexandria, Alexandria, VA)
      │ Mildred Moore  (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK - Las Vegas, Clark, NV)
      │ :     ├─ Living
      │ :     └─ Living
      │ :       + Living
      │ Mary E Charlton
      │ :     └─ Living
      │ Barbara Bennett  ( - Haymarket, Prince William, VA)
      │       ├─ Richard Bennett Wiesley (Madison)  (Martinsburg, Berkeley, WV -
      │       │   Falls Church, Fairfax, VA)
      │       ├─ Living
      │       │ Living
      │       │       ├─ Living
      │       │       ├─ Living
      │       │       └─ Living    =>
      │       │         + Living
      │       └─ Living
      │         Living
      │               ├─ Living
      │               └─ Living
      ├─ Vere Wiesley  (Cambria, Wayne, IA - Scottsdale, Maricopa, AZ)
      │ Vera Inez Ray  (Leadville, Lake, CO - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA)
      │ :     └─ Claire L Wiesley  ( - Stamford, Fairfield, CT)
      │ :       + Living
      │ + Living
      └─ Donald 'Bruce' Wiesley  (Bradgate, Humboldt, IA - Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI)
        Doris 'Fae' Wood  (Farmington, Davis, UT - Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI)
              ├─ Living
              └─ Living
Number of people in this chart: 32 (including 12 spouses and 2 parents) in 4 generations.
Links to charts that show additional descendants: 1
Lines that wrap to another line: 1
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