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Adam Brown's life as a Wyandotte Indian

Excerpts from a story on the Wyandotte Indian web site, about Adam Brown, who was kidnapped and raised by the Wyandotte.

From the Wyandotte Nation web site:

Adam Brown, Sr. was a white man who was captured y Shawnee Indiansabout 1755 or 1756 in what is now West Virginia, but was then Virginia. Some say he was about eight years of age, but since he could read and write by then with some skill, many believe that he must have been 12 or 13. He was taken to Detroit where he was adopted by Wyandots and given the name Ta-Haw-Na-Haw-Wie-Te (sometimes spelled Tohunehowetu). He grew to manhood in the tribe and married a Wyandot woman. Together they raised a large family.

Brownstown, Michigan, was named for Brown and was a city of some importance from about 1809 to 1819. Brownstown was located near the present town of Gibraltar in Wayne County, Michigan, at the junction of the Huron and Detroit Rivers.

... Adam Brown was a man of considerable influence. One of his daughters married George I. Clarke, who was chief of the Wyandots for a time after the move to Kansas. ...

Adam Brown, Sr., died about 1817, at or near the age of 75. His life was important to our history.

Excerpted from the C. A. Buser files and the book The Provisional Government of Nebraska Territory and The Journals of William Walker, Provisional Governor of Nebraska Territory – Edited by William E. Connelley

Excerpts from copied Oct 31, 2013 by Robin Richmond.

(Note that Adam and his brother, William, who escaped, may have been captured in the same raid in which their step-father, Humphrey Madison, was killed in 1756. But Humphrey Madison was a soldier killed in the line of duty, so it could have been a separate incident.)

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