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King & Queen County, Virginia, USA: Robin's Roots

King & Queen County, Virginia, USA  King & Queen County, Virginia, USA


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King & Queen County, Virginia, USA
St Stephen's Parish, King & Queen County, Virginia, USA

Primary Birth events within King & Queen County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Madison, Eleanor1700(here)1751Orange County, _, _I24709
2 Madison, Humphrey25 Apr 1730(here)12 Sep 1756Jackson River, Bath County, _, _I20846
3 Madison, John Jr.1640St Stephen's Parish1705(here)I23419
4 Madison, John26 Oct 1719(here)1779Augusta County, _, _I30710

Primary Death events within King & Queen County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 (Todd), Isabella Minor1706St Stephen's Parish1663Toddsbury, Gloucester County, _, _I23418
2 Maddison, John16 Apr 1683(here)1620Gloucestershire, EnglandI23421
3 Madison, John Jr.1705(here)1640St Stephen's ParishI23419
4 Madison, John IIIAbt 1720(here)Abt 1680Virginia, _I30697
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