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Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA: Robin's Roots

Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA  Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA


Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA

Primary Birth events in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Carroll, Henry Michael18399 Aug 1871Sebastian County, Arkansas, _I30291
2 Horton, Ardena (Ardeny)Abt 1849UNKNOWN I23633
3 Horton, Sidney Ann2 Aug 185828 May 1942Fort Sumner, De Baca County, New Mexico, _I20674
4 Horton, Thomas Jefferson (Jeff)1 Nov 185230 Sep 1940Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, _I20479
5 Horton, Will Wright27 Aug 18598 Apr 1907Tucumcari, Quay County, New Mexico, _I20617
6 Hutcheson, Isaac Marion16 Nov 18735 Jun 1945Red Bay, Franklin County, Alabama, _I28703
7 Hutcheson, WilliamAbt 1920  I28746
8 Moore, Robert E6 Sep 186810 Mar 1945 I28686
9 Tackett, Lovina Jane3 Mar 18732 Nov 1968Weatherford, Parker County, Texas, _I29399
10 Wigginton, Doctor Selmer (Dock)4 Jan 18945 May 1977 I28749
11 Wood, Willard Gertrude14 Aug 19079 Jun 1992DennisI29086

Primary Death events in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Bennett, Easter Ann11 Sep 190229 Jun 1830South Carolina, _I28681
2 Hutcheson, Fannie M (Byrdie)23 Oct 200013 Apr 1909Rock Creek, Colbert County, Alabama, _I28710
3 Hutcheson, Sarah Ann12 Dec 198217 Mar 1911Rock Creek, Colbert County, Alabama, _I28711
4 Hutcheson, William Rufus21 Nov 191125 Sep 1832Dallas County, Alabama, _I22177
5 Lindsey, Lydia6 Jul 18641779Virginia, _I30449
6 Malone, Charlie Vincent20 Oct 197716 Feb 1899Rock Creek, Colbert County, Alabama, _I28713
7 Parrish, Wheeler William26 Jan 198414 Feb 1899Alabama, _I28718

Primary Burial events in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bates, Albert Luther 11 Apr 1896Alabama, _30 Dec 1972 I28748
2 Hutcheson, Lillie L 11 Dec 1900Mississippi, _19 Jun 1955 I28747
3 Hutcheson, Mary A. E. 28 Feb 1869Mississippi, _12 Jul 1940 I28682
4 Moore, Benjamin Franklin 1875Mississippi, _1949 I28723
5 Moore, Robert E 6 Sep 1868(here)10 Mar 1945 I28686

Residence events in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 ??, Elizabeth Ann19401881Mississippi, _1959 I28741
2 Bates, Albert Luther194011 Apr 1896Alabama, _30 Dec 1972 I28748
3 Bennett, Easter Ann186029 Jun 1830South Carolina, _11 Sep 1902(here)I28681
4 Carroll, Derosey18408 Oct 1813St Mary's County, Maryland, _14 Jan 1863Charleston, Franklin County, Arkansas, _I30292
5 Hamby, Sarah1860Betw 1810 and 1821Tennessee, _Abt 1871Colbert County, Alabama, _I20145
6 Harvey, Madison (Matt)186011 Jun 1844Fayette County, Tennessee, _15 Apr 1923Vernon, Wilbarger County, Texas, _I20268
7 Horton, Ardena (Ardeny)1860Abt 1849(here)UNKNOWN I23633
8 Horton, Azre (Ezra)1860Betw 1809 and 1821SC or TN, _Bef 1887Fannin County, Texas, _I20144
9 Horton, Elizabeth Genora (Lizzie)186011 Jan 1842Tennessee, _10 Jan 1924Vernon, Wilbarger County, Texas, _I20267
10 Horton, James Arthur (Archie)18608 Aug 1848Tennessee, _12 Aug 1909Fletcher, Comanche County, Oklahoma, _I20266
11 Horton, John Henry186014 Oct 1840Tennessee, _8 Jun 1912Quanah, Hardeman County, Texas, _I20148
12 Horton, Sidney Ann18602 Aug 1858(here)28 May 1942Fort Sumner, De Baca County, New Mexico, _I20674
13 Horton, Thomas Jefferson (Jeff)18601 Nov 1852(here)30 Sep 1940Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, _I20479
14 Horton, Will Wright186027 Aug 1859(here)8 Apr 1907Tucumcari, Quay County, New Mexico, _I20617
15 Hutcheson, Isaac Francis1860Abt 1852Alabama, _  I28650
16 Hutcheson, Jasper Newton186025 Jul 1854Alabama, _8 Mar 1931 I28701
17 ''1930''''''''''
18 Hutcheson, Lillie L194011 Dec 1900Mississippi, _19 Jun 1955 I28747
19 Hutcheson, Mary A. E.190028 Feb 1869Mississippi, _12 Jul 1940 I28682
20 ''1940''''''''''
21 Hutcheson, Nancy Jane19007 Mar 1878Mississippi, _1 Mar 1929 I28705
22 Hutcheson, William Rufus186025 Sep 1832Dallas County, Alabama, _21 Nov 1911(here)I22177
23 Hutcheson, William Rufus191811 Jul 1876Mississippi, _1937 I28704
24 Moore, Benjamin Franklin19001875Mississippi, _1949 I28723
25 Moore, Robert E18706 Sep 1868(here)10 Mar 1945 I28686
26 ''1900''''''''''
27 ''1940''''''''''
28 Oliver, Elijah184029 Dec 1811Tennessee, _15 Jan 1883Prentiss County, _, _I21588
29 Wigginton, Doctor Selmer (Dock)19004 Jan 1894(here)5 May 1977 I28749
30 ''1918''''''''''

Primary Marriage events in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Charlie Vincent Malone / Sarah Ann Hutcheson24 Jul 1926F23253
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