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Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA: Robin's Roots

Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA  Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA


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Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA
West Barnstable Cemetery, Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA
Lothrop Hill Cemetery, Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA

Primary Birth events within Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Bonham, Sarah16 Feb 1664(here)16 Jan 1738Belvedere, Warren County, New Jersey, _I25861
2 Fitzrandolph, Benjamin4 Apr 1663(here)5 Oct 1746Stony Brook, Mercer County, New Jersey, _I21971
3 FitzRandolph, Hannah23 Apr 1649(here)13 Apr 1705Yarmouth, _, _, _I25851
4 FitzRandolph, Hope2 Apr 1661(here)15 Feb 1702Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey, _I25855
5 FitzRandolph, John7 Oct 1653(here)UNKNOWN I25853
6 FitzRandolph, Joseph1 Mar 1655(here)10 Jan 1726Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey, _I25628
7 FitzRandolph, Mary6 Oct 1644(here)Bef 1650 I25856
8 FitzRandolph, Mary2 Jun 1650(here)4 Jan 1737/38(here)I25852
9 FitzRandolph, Nathaniel10 Dec 1642(here)21 Nov 1713Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey, _I25857
10 FitzRandolph, Thomas16 Aug 1654(here)25 Oct 1745Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey, _I25854
11 Gorham, Mary18 Sep 1680(here)23 Oct 1748(here)I31131
12 Hinckley, Ebenezer2 Aug 1685(here)12 Apr 1751(here)I31126
13 Hinckley, Isaac20 Aug 1674(here)22 Aug 1762(here)I31128
14 Hinckley, Joseph15 May 1672(here)4 Jul 1753(here)I31130
15 Hinckley, MaryMay 1677(here)15 Jun 1677(here)I31125
16 Hinckley, Mercy9 Apr 1679(here)31 Oct 1747Eastham, _, _, _I31127
17 Hinckley, Samuel Jr24 Jul 1642(here)2 Jan 1727(here)I25860
18 Hinckley, Samuel III24 Sep 1684(here)Jan 1760Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine, _I31129
19 Hinckley, Thomas1 Jan 1689(here)1756(here)I31124
20 Hull, Benjamin Sr24 Mar 1638/39(here)Nov 1713Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey, _I21957
21 Hull, Naomi22 Mar 1640(here)4 Jul 1682Durham, Strafford County, New Hampshire, _I25751
22 Lewis, Sarah13 Jan 1692(here)21 Mar 1737 I31134

Primary Death events within Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Blossom, Peter5 Jul 1706(here)Aft 1627Leiden, Zuid-Holland, NetherlandsI25799
2 Blossom, Thomas22 Apr 1650(here)Abt 1623Leiden, Zuid-Holland, NetherlandsI25797
3 Bodfish, Sarah3 Oct 1704(here)1638Sandwich, _, _, _I25800
4 Davis, Dolor1 Jun 1673(here)1593EnglandI25744
5 FitzRandolph, Mary4 Jan 1737/38(here)2 Jun 1650(here)I25852
6 Gorham, Mary23 Oct 1748(here)18 Sep 1680(here)I31131
7 Hinckley, Ebenezer12 Apr 1751(here)2 Aug 1685(here)I31126
8 Hinckley, Isaac22 Aug 1762(here)20 Aug 1674(here)I31128
9 Hinckley, Joseph4 Jul 1753(here)15 May 1672(here)I31130
10 Hinckley, Mary15 Jun 1677(here)May 1677(here)I31125
11 Hinckley, Samuel Jr2 Jan 1727(here)24 Jul 1642(here)I25860
12 Hinckley, Thomas1756(here)1 Jan 1689(here)I31124
13 Hull, Tristram22 Feb 1667(here)1624Crewkerne, Somerset, EnglandI25734

Primary Burial events within Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 FitzRandolph, Mary West Barnstable Cemetery2 Jun 1650(here)4 Jan 1737/38(here)I25852
2 Gorham, Mary West Barnstable Cemetery18 Sep 1680(here)23 Oct 1748(here)I31131
3 Hinckley, Ebenezer Lothrop Hill Cemetery2 Aug 1685(here)12 Apr 1751(here)I31126
4 Hinckley, Isaac West Barnstable Cemetery20 Aug 1674(here)22 Aug 1762(here)I31128
5 Hinckley, Joseph West Barnstable Cemetery15 May 1672(here)4 Jul 1753(here)I31130
6 Hinckley, Samuel Jr West Barnstable Cemetery24 Jul 1642(here)2 Jan 1727(here)I25860
7 Lewis, Sarah Lothrop Hill Cemetery13 Jan 1692(here)21 Mar 1737 I31134

Residence events within Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Blossom, Elizabeth1639(here)2 Jun 1620Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands21 Nov 1713Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey, _I21969
2 Fitzrandolph, Edward1639(here)5 Jul 1607Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, England1684Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey, _I21970
3 ''1 Jun 1649(here)''''''''''

Primary Marriage events within Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Dolor Davis / Joana Hull1663(here)F22178
2 Nathaniel FitzRandolph / Mary HolleyNov 1662(here)F22214
3 Peter Blossom / Sarah Bodfish21 Jun 1663(here)F22196
4 Samuel Hinckley / Mary FitzRandolph15 Jan 1668/69(here)F22216
5 Thomas Blossom / Sarah Ewer16 Jun 1645(here)F22195
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