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Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA: Robin's Roots

Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA  Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA


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Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA
Old Dutch Churchyard, Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA

Primary Birth events within Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Brink, Elizabeth11 Aug 1706(here)1743Hampshire County, West Virginia, _I22928
2 Brink, Roeloff27 Apr 1684(here)  I25591
3 Burleson, Elizabeth Jones16 Jan 1728(here)1800Buncombe County, North Carolina, _I26047
4 Cool, Maritje Jacobz7 Mar 1666(here)1728Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, _, _I25715
5 Decker, Jan1 Jun 1719(here)10 Jan 1791Knox County, Indiana, _I26524
6 Gonsalas, Lena26 Oct 1713(here)Abt 1746 I22275
7 Kool, Jacob Barentsen25 Sep 1639(here)15 Jan 1719(here)I25718
8 Kortrecht, Apolonia1706(here)1756Montague, Sussex County, New Jersey, _I30218
9 Kuykendall, Abraham18 Oct 1719(here)1 Apr 1812Buncombe County, North Carolina, _I22273
10 Kuykendall, Annatjen Van16 Feb 1724(here)UNKNOWN I22924
11 Kuykendall, Benjamin1 Sep 1723(here)18 Oct 1789Peters Creek, Washington County, Pennsylvania, _I22291
12 Kuykendall, Clara Van25 Feb 1722(here)UNKNOWN I22923
13 Kuykendall, ElizabethJan 1725(here)3 Apr 1756Nameneck, Sussex County, New Jersey, _I22304
14 Kuykendall, Johannes Van31 Jul 1726(here)UNKNOWN I22925
15 Kuykendall, Margariet11 Sep 1709(here)  I22294
16 Kuykendall, Margrita Van7 Jun 1735(here)UNKNOWN I22926
17 Kuykendall, Margritt7 May 1710(here)  I22269
18 Kuykendall, Marretjen22 Jun 1712(here)1747Orange County, _, _I22270
19 Kuykendall, Marretjen23 Oct 1721(here)  I22290
20 Kuykendall, Symen Van24 Jun 1716(here)UNKNOWN I21530
21 Tietsoort, Adrientjen2 Aug 1685(here)Est 1710 I29039
22 Van Aken, Elizabeth19 Sep 1725(here)  I25795
23 van Kuykendall, Jacobus (James)22 Oct 1721(here) Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, _I21531
24 van Kuykendall, Luur Jacobsen29 May 1650(here)1720Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, _, _I21534
25 Westfall, Abel25 Sep 1661(here)1689Augusta County, Virginia, _I27594
26 Westfall, Ellen27 Jun 1666(here)1686(here)I27597
27 Westfall, JannetjenMar 1688(here)  I21432
28 Westfall, Jurian27 Apr 1684(here)1731Montague, Sussex County, New Jersey, _I22265
29 Westfall, Marretje16 Aug 1685(here)1753Minisink Valley, New Jersey, _I22267
30 Westfall, Nicholas1659(here)1715/1743Montague, Sussex County, New Jersey, _I27593
31 Westfall, Rymerick1654(here)9 Nov 1719Montague, Sussex County, New Jersey, _I27596
32 Westfall, Sara26 May 1691(here)20 Feb 1777Hampshire County, West Virginia, _I22266
33 Westfall, Simon30 Sep 1663(here)1733Ulster County, _, _I27598

Primary Death events within Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Cool, Barent Jacobsen1676(here)10 May 1610Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsI25727
2 Coykendall, Samuel D.UNKNOWN(here)  I22321
3 Degraw, Marretje Leendertse1670(here)1620NetherlandsI25728
4 Hansen, Marritje10 Jan 1670(here)1636Nordstrand, Schleswig-Holstein, DenmarkI25717
5 Kool, Jacob Barentsen15 Jan 1719(here)25 Sep 1639(here)I25718
6 Kuykendall, Cornelius1753(here)30 May 1686Rochester, _, _, _I21539
7 Schempoes, Marretje Symons1 Jan 1672(here)1 Oct 1632Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsI25719
8 Westfall, Ellen1686(here)27 Jun 1666(here)I27597
9 Westphal, Jurian1 Oct 1667(here)12 Mar 1621Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland, NetherlandsI25716

Primary Burial events within Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Ariens, Annetje Old Dutch Churchyard29 Aug 1645Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands1717Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, _, _I21975
2 Freer, William Old Dutch Churchyard4 Jan 1700   I29040
3 Kuykendall, Jacob Old Dutch Churchyard12 Apr 1683Rochester, _, _, _14 Jan 1744Minisink Valley, New Jersey, _I21537
4 Kuykendall, Margariet Old Dutch Churchyard11 Sep 1709(here)  I22294
5 Metselaer, Barbara Old Dutch Churchyard12 Sep 1666New York, New York County, _, _  I30814
6 Tack, Cornelis Aartsen Old Dutch Churchyard14 Aug 1661Wiltwyck, _, _, _  I30813
7 Tietsoort, Adrientjen Old Dutch Churchyard2 Aug 1685(here)Est 1710 I29039
8 Westphal, Jurian Old Dutch Churchyard12 Mar 1621Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands1 Oct 1667(here)I25716

Residence events within Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Cool, Maritje Jacobz18 Nov 1694(here)7 Mar 1666(here)1728Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, _, _I25715
2 Kool, Jacob Barentsen1659(here)25 Sep 1639(here)15 Jan 1719(here)I25718

Primary Marriage events within Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Arie Kuykendall / Grietje ( Margriet) Kwick7 Dec 1720(here)F20685
2 Jacob Barentsen Kool / Marretje Symons Schempoes1660(here)F22165
3 Jacob Jansen / Marritje HansenAbt 1668(here)F26852
4 Jacob Jansen van Etten / Annetje Ariens11 Jan 1665(here)F26809
5 Jacob Kuykendall / Adrientjen TietsoortBef 1709(here)F20682
6 Johannes Jurian Westfall / Maritje Jacobz Cool28 Jan 1683(here)F22163
7 Leur (Lewis) Kuykendall / Lena Gonsalas27 May 1732(here)F20999
8 Luur Jacobsen van Kuykendall / Grietje Margarita Artze Tack1680(here)F20681
9 Mattheus (Matthew) Kuykendall / Jannetjen Westfall14 Jan 1714/15(here)F20642
10 Thomas Theunissen Quick / Rymerick Westfall7 Dec 1672(here)F22845
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