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Jackson County, Tennessee, USA  Jackson County, Tennessee, USA


Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Owen-Jaquess Cemetery, Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Draper Memorial Cemetery, Gainesboro, Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Gainesboro, Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Gainsboro, Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Granville, Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Cummins Falls, Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
John P Mabury Family Cemetery, Shiloh, Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Bloomington Springs, Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

Cemeteries within Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

  Cemetery Name Cemetery Location Associated Placename
1.Owen-Jaquess CemeteryPutnam & Jackson Counties, Tennessee, USAOwen-Jaquess Cemetery

Primary Birth events within Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

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   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Anderson, Catherine (Katie)20 Sep 1816(here)24 Jan 1891Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I21052
2 Anderson, Sara17 Jun 1827(here)28 Dec 1859Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I23318
3 Burris, James Herod4 Sep 1888(here)1 Sep 1960(here)I29832
4 Byrne, Carrie Mable20 Nov 1892Granville17 Nov 1966Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I27552
5 Cummins, Mary Olive25 Apr 1857Cummins Falls8 Oct 1949Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I21001
6 Cummins, Rachel Elizabeth25 Feb 1837(here)5 Apr 1872Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I21063
7 Draper, Harvey Allison9 Jun 1882Bloomington Springs31 May 1969Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I25601
8 Draper, Stephen Ammonette Sr15 Jul 1879Bloomington Springs3 Feb 1940Algood, Putnam County, _, _I25600
9 Gentry, Mary Etta11 Dec 1897(here)28 Apr 1983Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I25627
10 Haile, Roy Hutcheson14 May 1920Gainesboro2 Feb 2007Gallatin, Sumner County, _, _I22144
11 Kirkpatrick, Mary Malinda18 Feb 1827(here)7 Aug 1897(here)I22142
12 Kuykendall, AlexanderAbt 1848(here)Abt 1851Texas, _I27380
13 Kuykendall, Allen W15 Nov 1835(here)19 Jan 1869Putnam County, _, _I20991
14 Kuykendall, Cynthia LevinAbt 1842(here)  I27383
15 Kuykendall, E JAbt 1840(here)  I27382
16 Kuykendall, Elijah Robinson14 Dec 1836(here)27 Nov 1920Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas, _I22230
17 Kuykendall, Frances Elizabeth (Fannie)1 Dec 1844(here)1904Rockwall, Rockwall County, Texas, _I21059
18 Kuykendall, Garland Anderson10 Sep 1833(here)23 Jul 1866Putnam County, _, _I21054
19 Kuykendall, James Edward15 Dec 1838(here)30 Sep 1871Putnam County, _, _I21055
20 Kuykendall, James Jefferson25 Sep 1827(here)29 Sep 1873Smith County, Texas, _I22227
21 Kuykendall, JaneAbt 1841(here)  I20992
22 Kuykendall, Jasper Jefferson27 Apr 1843(here)26 Nov 1927Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I21057
23 Kuykendall, Jesse HickmanAbt 1830(here)1833(here)I22228
24 Kuykendall, Jesse Young IIAbt 1818(here)1866Texas, _I20984
25 Kuykendall, Lucinda (Lucy)18 Sep 1833(here)29 Nov 1926Nashville, Davidson County, _, _I20988
26 Kuykendall, Lucinda ElizabethJul 1843(here)  I22237
27 Kuykendall, Mary Dorinda9 Jan 1847(here)22 Sep 1866Putnam County, _, _I21060
28 Kuykendall, Mary Jane1834(here)May 1890Smith County, Texas, _I22234
29 Kuykendall, Nancy Matilda4 Apr 1838(here)9 Aug 1924Wills Point, Van Zandt County, Texas, _I22235
30 Kuykendall, Nancy Matilda28 Nov 1848(here)7 Mar 1906Tularosa, Otero County, New Mexico, _I27384

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Primary Death events within Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Billingsley, JaneAft 1860(here)1792North Carolina, _I30563
2 Billingsley, Jesse28 Jul 1821(here)22 Feb 1774Guilford County, North Carolina, _I30302
3 Burris, James Herod1 Sep 1960(here)4 Sep 1888(here)I29832
4 Deatherage, Lucinda6 Jul 1865Gainesboro18 Aug 1816Roane County, _, _I21616
5 Draper, Herbert 'Ridley'22 May 1952(here)14 Jan 1897Putnam County, _, _I25604
6 Draper, Mary Louisa9 May 1936Gainesboro13 Apr 1851Putnam County, _, _I21000
7 Draper, MinnieNov 1975(here)1 Jan 1889Tennessee, _I25606
8 Draper, William Matthew2 Mar 1944Gainesboro9 Jan 1865Putnam County, _, _I20996
9 Jones, Sophronia16 Jun 1938(here)14 Jul 1868Tennessee, _I21003
10 Kirkpatrick, Mary Malinda7 Aug 1897(here)18 Feb 1827(here)I22142
11 Kuykendall, Jesse Hickman1833(here)Abt 1830(here)I22228
12 Kuykendall, Jesse Young1834(here)1760North Carolina, _I20979
13 Kuykendall, Sarah Jane31 Jul 1838(here)4 Sep 1837(here)I21056
14 Long, Walter19 Oct 1996(here)Abt 1910Tennessee, _I28151
15 Mabury, John Peyton2 Jul 1922(here)17 May 1842(here)I30082
16 Matheney, Infant10 Apr 1860(here)10 Apr 1860(here)I24607
17 Matheny, Elijah Arthur24 Oct 1891(here)2 Apr 1875(here)I24611
18 Matheny, John Anderson5 Nov 1878Gainesboro20 Feb 1812Roane County, _, _I21615
19 Matheny, Margaret Sellers11 Jun 1926(here)25 Mar 1837GainesboroI24598
20 McGlasson, Oliver24 Oct 1920(here)12 Mar 1843(here)I21089
21 Mercer, EdwardAbt 1860(here)1787Tennessee, _I30570
22 Pate, Margaret Edna2 Aug 1916(here)28 Dec 1854Tennessee, _I27476
23 Terry, James1828(here)1768Granville County, North Carolina, _I26129
24 Terry, Lucinda1843(here)1813(here)I31080

Primary Burial events within Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Burris, James Herod Draper Memorial Cemetery, Gainesboro4 Sep 1888(here)1 Sep 1960(here)I29832
2 Byers, Margaret Elizabeth Owen-Jaquess Cemetery12 Apr 1844Tennessee, _19 Jun 1926 I26098
3 Deatherage, Lucinda Owen-Jaquess Cemetery18 Aug 1816Roane County, _, _6 Jul 1865GainesboroI21616
4 Grimsley, Joseph L Owen-Jaquess Cemetery27 Mar 1833 23 Jan 1860 I30081
5 Mabury, John Peyton John P Mabury Family Cemetery, Shiloh17 May 1842(here)2 Jul 1922(here)I30082
6 Matheny, John Anderson Owen-Jaquess Cemetery20 Feb 1812Roane County, _, _5 Nov 1878GainesboroI21615
7 Matheny, Margaret Sellers John P Mabury Family Cemetery, Shiloh25 Mar 1837Gainesboro11 Jun 1926(here)I24598
8 Stone, Emily Rebecca Draper Memorial Cemetery, Gainesboro13 Apr 1889Putnam County, _, _Mar 1973Macon County, _, _I25617

Possessions events within Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

   Name  Possessions BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Kuykendall, Jesse Young7 Sep 1826(here)1760North Carolina, _1834(here)I20979
2 ''28 Sep 1827(here)''''''''''

Probate events within Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

   Name  Probate BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Mercer, Edward26 Aug 1860(here)1787Tennessee, _Abt 1860(here)I30570

Residence events within Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

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   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Anderson, Catherine (Katie)1850(here)20 Sep 1816(here)24 Jan 1891Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I21052
2 Billingsley, Elizabeth1860(here)May 1776North Carolina, _  I30559
3 Billingsley, Jane1850(here)1792North Carolina, _Aft 1860(here)I30563
4 ''1860(here)''''''''''
5 ''1870(here)''''''''''
6 Billingsley, Samuel1803(here)Jun 1747St Mary's, St Mary's County, Maryland, _10 Jun 1816Bledsoe County, _, _I21282
7 Billingsley, Walter1812(here)14 Jul 1761Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland, _Aft 1840Bradley County, _, _I25366
8 Byers, Margaret Elizabeth1870Gainsboro12 Apr 1844Tennessee, _19 Jun 1926 I26098
9 ''1880(here)''''''''''
10 Cummins, Dr. John Oliver1900(here)11 Oct 1892Warren County, _, _14 Apr 1982Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I21099
11 Deatherage, Lucinda1850(here)18 Aug 1816Roane County, _, _6 Jul 1865GainesboroI21616
12 ''1860(here)''''''''''
13 Draper, Bertie1900(here)Mar 1891Tennessee, _  I25607
14 Draper, Ed W1920GainesboroAbt 1909Tennessee, _  I25602
15 Draper, Fred R1920GainesboroAbt 1906Tennessee, _  I25603
16 Draper, Herbert 'Ridley'1900(here)14 Jan 1897Putnam County, _, _22 May 1952(here)I25604
17 ''1918(here)''''''''''
18 ''1920Gainesboro''''''''''
19 Draper, James Travis1900(here)17 Nov 1852Putnam County, _, _25 Oct 1945Gallatin, Sumner County, _, _I20995
20 Draper, Joe1900(here)Nov 1893Tennessee, _  I25605
21 Draper, Mary Louisa Gainesboro13 Apr 1851Putnam County, _, _9 May 1936GainesboroI21000
22 ''1920(here)''''''''''
23 Draper, Minnie1900(here)1 Jan 1889Tennessee, _Nov 1975(here)I25606
24 Draper, William Matthew1900(here)9 Jan 1865Putnam County, _, _2 Mar 1944GainesboroI20996
25 ''1920Gainesboro''''''''''
26 Gooch, Mary1830(here)1774Granville County, North Carolina, _1832Putnam County, _, _I26128
27 Haile, Hubert Harris Sr1917(here)31 Oct 1894Tennessee, _17 Apr 1980Gallatin, Sumner County, _, _I21098
28 Hall, Jean1830(here)1756North Carolina, _Jun 1852Texas, _I20980
29 ''1840(here)''''''''''
30 Jones, Sophronia1900(here)14 Jul 1868Tennessee, _16 Jun 1938(here)I21003

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Primary Marriage events within Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Curtis Terry / Elizabeth Kuykendall1822(here)F20500
2 Gen. John H Morgan Pippin / Leitha Harriet Matheny12 Nov 1886(here)F22300
3 Ira McGhee / Frances Plesina Matheny10 Dec 1891(here)F23655
4 Isaac Newton Stone / Prudence Jane Draper22 Jun 1884(here)F20464
5 James Herod Burris / Emily Rebecca Stone1 May 1910(here)F23666
6 James Travis Draper / Minnie McCoin McDearman10 May 1922GainesboroF20459
7 Joseph Terry / Elizabeth Terry19 Jun 1818(here)F26955
8 Monroe Leevirt Ramsey / Lucinda Fine (Lucy) Matheny17 Aug 1892(here)F23659
9 Noah Hampton Kuykendall / Catherine (Katie) Anderson4 Oct 1832(here)F20452
10 Oliver Newton Draper / Mary Olive Cummins25 Aug 1878Cummins FallsF20458
11 Peter E Kuykendall / Prudence TerryBef 1827(here)F20454
12 Ridley Draper / Rebecca Kuykendall (here)F20457
13 Walter Long / Rita Gortrudo Kuykendall5 Mar 1926(here)F23039
14 William Gilbert Draper / Carrie Mable Byrne13 Aug 1912(here)F22128

Married events within Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

   Family  Married MarriageFamily ID
1 Gen. John H Morgan Pippin / Leitha Harriet Matheny12 Nov 1886(here)12 Nov 1886(here)F22300
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