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Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA: Robin's Roots

Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA  Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA


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Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
Spring Hill Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
Woodlawn Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

Primary Birth events within Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Anderson, Emily1862(here)21 Jul 1954Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, _I21014
2 Barger, Christine Aminta22 Jul 1867(here)14 Sep 1926Hobart, Garfield County, Oklahoma, _I26050
3 Billingsley, Howard Preston9 Jan 1911(here)Mar 1987Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona, _I27955
4 Darnall, Joel Williamson25 Feb 1982(here)1 Sep 1982(here)I22978
5 Dean, Nancy17 Dec 1816(here)2 May 1853San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, _I26720
6 Dennison, Nancy11 Jan 1930(here)20 Nov 2019Harvest, Madison County, Alabama, _I20088
7 Dodd, Lucy18 Feb 1881(here)31 Mar 1968Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, _I21549
8 Fowlkes, William L25 Apr 1915(here)27 Dec 2007(here)I21025
9 Hutcheson, John Campbell Jr11 Sep 1926(here)11 Apr 1986(here)I20083
10 Hutcheson, Ruth Margaret16 Apr 1932(here)26 Apr 2000(here)I20090
11 Keebler, Sarah Malinda27 Apr 1850(here)20 Aug 1935Boise, Ada County, Idaho, _I24878
12 Kuykendall, John Calloway22 Oct 1836(here)30 Apr 1912Sperry, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, _I29311
13 Kuykendall, Mary Elizabeth11 Feb 1841(here)14 Nov 1916Crescent City, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, _I29306
14 Kuykendall, Nancy Jane5 Mar 1839(here)3 May 1928Clarinda, Page County, Iowa, _I29304
15 Kuykendall, Ruth Clarinda18 Jul 1835(here)1 Jun 1926San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, _I29305
16 Kuykendall, Wiley Preston24 Nov 1850(here)2 Apr 1936Mancos, La Plata County, Colorado, _I29308
17 Marker, Estelle23 Jun 1889(here)12 Jun 1921(here)I30705
18 Matheny, Anna Ruth23 Nov 1929(here)12 Jan 2001Columbia, Maury County, _, _I27567
19 Matheny, James Collom4 Feb 1926(here)Nov 1984 I27566
20 Matheny, Richard Denton15 Mar 1935(here)16 Mar 1935(here)I30630
21 Sewell, Edward Granville14 Apr 1919(here)27 Mar 1987Searcy, White County, Arkansas, _I20096
22 Sewell, James Witt Jr14 Nov 1900(here)Oct 1984Brentwood, Prince Georges County, Maryland, _I21553
23 Sewell, Jesse O2 Dec 1868(here)23 Mar 1948(here)I21013
24 Sewell, John Young30 Mar 1922(here)29 Nov 2004(here)I21019
25 Sewell, William Harding Sr27 Jan 1862(here)15 Dec 1932(here)I21010
26 Totty, Mary Louise30 Aug 1920(here)14 Jul 1995Columbia, Maury County, _, _I30623
27 Travis, Robert Ira5 Mar 1928(here)21 Sep 1988Atlanta, DeKalb County, Georgia, _I21182

Primary Death events within Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

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   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Barger, Noah Jacob Ivan25 Aug 1954(here)19 Nov 1897Big Spring, Meigs County, _, _I30927
2 Bilbrey, Sallie Florence30 Jan 1947(here)14 Oct 1893Overton County, _, _I21080
3 Billingsley, Grover Cleveland21 Nov 1944(here)27 Dec 1884Pikeville, Bledsoe County, _, _I25958
4 Billingsley, William Newton26 Mar 1912(here)9 Nov 1853Pikeville, Bledsoe County, _, _I30727
5 Bird, Beulah Bell19 Sep 2002(here)11 Dec 1910Cleveland, Bradley County, _, _I30398
6 Burns, Robert Joseph Sr17 Apr 2013(here)3 Feb 1926Tennessee, _I26312
7 Carter, Bobbie Sue21 Mar 2014(here)13 Oct 1930Putnam County, _, _I29588
8 Cummins, Anna Lucinda31 Mar 2007(here)4 Apr 1919Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I21100
9 Darnall, Joel Williamson1 Sep 1982(here)25 Feb 1982(here)I22978
10 Darnall, Josiah7 Jun 2003(here)8 Dec 1917Jackson, Madison County, _, _I21153
11 Draper, Dorthea18 Mar 2003(here)9 Nov 1917Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I31505
12 Fiske, Alva ArkleyMay 1987(here)19 Sep 1904Hilham, Overton County, _, _I30431
13 Fowlkes, William L27 Dec 2007(here)25 Apr 1915(here)I21025
14 Garrett, Ella Meikle6 Jan 1958(here)12 Nov 1896Overton County, _, _I21567
15 Haile, Catherine Eugenia24 May 2010(here)17 Dec 1924Putnam County, _, _I22145
16 Hargrove, Robert Harold17 Mar 2008(here)17 Sep 1919Tennessee, _I21155
17 Hoge, Mabel24 Oct 1982(here)11 Sep 1897Marion County, _, _I22115
18 Hutcheson, Charles Pat2 Jun 1982(here)4 Jul 1913Centerville, Hamilton County, _, _I25971
19 Hutcheson, Flavius Newton Jr.11 Jan 1979(here)26 Jun 1936Marion County, _, _I23402
20 Hutcheson, John Campbell31 Jan 1981(here)14 Dec 1892Pikeville, Bledsoe County, _, _I20079
21 Hutcheson, John Campbell Jr11 Apr 1986(here)11 Sep 1926(here)I20083
22 Hutcheson, Philip Tinsley Jr.30 Mar 1980(here)20 Jun 1920Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I21158
23 Hutcheson, Ruth Margaret26 Apr 2000(here)16 Apr 1932(here)I20090
24 Kuykendall, Frank Anson26 Jun 2014(here)22 Jul 1928Overton County, _, _I21082
25 Kuykendall, Graydon Donley Jr25 Sep 1998(here)18 Feb 1929Livingston, Overton County, _, _I22953
26 Kuykendall, Herman JamesFeb 1970(here)20 Feb 1890Kentucky, _I26762
27 Kuykendall, Lucinda (Lucy)29 Nov 1926(here)18 Sep 1833Jackson County, _, _I20988
28 Kuykendall, Thomas KiarJan 1978(here)21 Dec 1888Butler County, Kentucky, _I26792
29 Lynn, U L21 Nov 1975(here)11 Aug 1900Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _I21164
30 Marker, Estelle12 Jun 1921(here)23 Jun 1889(here)I30705
31 Martin, Richard H4 Dec 1956(here)2 Aug 1886Van Buren County, _, _I30095
32 Matheny, Lemier 'Irene'3 Jan 1984(here)3 Dec 1905Spring City, Rhea County, _, _I27570
33 Matheny, Richard Denton16 Mar 1935(here)15 Mar 1935(here)I30630
34 Moore, Vesta16 Apr 2005(here)8 Jun 1909Overton County, _, _I30524
35 Myers, Irene18 Apr 1957(here)16 Jul 1882Warren County, _, _I27766
36 Myers, Martha Lee27 Oct 1951(here)1 Oct 1888Warren County, _, _I27769
37 Myers, Martha Virginia18 Sep 1948(here)11 Aug 1877McMinnville, Warren County, _, _I27753
38 Overhulls, LauraApr 1986(here)1 Aug 1895Crosby County, Texas, _I20080
39 Parker, William Kirby26 Sep 1942(here)11 Apr 1879Clay County, _, _I27760
40 Richmond, Clara Belle14 Feb 1997(here)16 Oct 1903Cleveland, Bradley County, _, _I22570
41 Richmond, John 'Willard'26 Feb 2010(here)17 Feb 1917Cleveland, Bradley County, _, _I20723
42 Richmond, William Campbell4 Sep 1864(here)1837Cleveland, Bradley County, _, _I20711
43 Sewell, Elisha Edwin (E.E.)30 Sep 1937(here)18 Jan 1864Williamson, Williamson County, _, _I21012
44 Sewell, Elisha Granville (E.G.)2 Mar 1924(here)25 Oct 1830Overton County, _, _I21006
45 Sewell, Emar A. (Emma)23 Apr 1921(here)23 Feb 1855Putnam County, _, _I21007
46 Sewell, Jesse O23 Mar 1948(here)2 Dec 1868(here)I21013
47 Sewell, John Young29 Nov 2004(here)30 Mar 1922(here)I21019
48 Sewell, Lucy Tate26 Aug 2003(here)14 May 1915Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, _I21018
49 Sewell, William Harding Sr15 Dec 1932(here)27 Jan 1862(here)I21010
50 Smith, Buford L2 Aug 1988(here)2 Dec 1923 I22059

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Primary Burial events within Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Billingsley, Grover Cleveland Mount Olivet Cemetery27 Dec 1884Pikeville, Bledsoe County, _, _21 Nov 1944(here)I25958
2 Carter, Bobbie Sue Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery13 Oct 1930Putnam County, _, _21 Mar 2014(here)I29588
3 Darnall, Joel Williamson Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens25 Feb 1982(here)1 Sep 1982(here)I22978
4 Draper, Dorthea Woodlawn Memorial Park and Mausoleum9 Nov 1917Cookeville, Putnam County, _, _18 Mar 2003(here)I31505
5 Hutcheson, John Campbell Woodlawn Memorial Park and Mausoleum14 Dec 1892Pikeville, Bledsoe County, _, _31 Jan 1981(here)I20079
6 Kuykendall, Frank Anson Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery22 Jul 1928Overton County, _, _26 Jun 2014(here)I21082
7 Kuykendall, Lucinda (Lucy) Mount Olivet Cemetery18 Sep 1833Jackson County, _, _29 Nov 1926(here)I20988
8 Marker, Estelle Mount Olivet Cemetery23 Jun 1889(here)12 Jun 1921(here)I30705
9 Matheny, Richard Denton Spring Hill Cemetery15 Mar 1935(here)16 Mar 1935(here)I30630
10 Overhulls, Laura Woodlawn Memorial Park and Mausoleum1 Aug 1895Crosby County, Texas, _Apr 1986(here)I20080
11 Sewell, Elisha Edwin (E.E.) Mount Olivet Cemetery18 Jan 1864Williamson, Williamson County, _, _30 Sep 1937(here)I21012
12 Sewell, Elisha Granville (E.G.) Mount Olivet Cemetery25 Oct 1830Overton County, _, _2 Mar 1924(here)I21006
13 Sewell, Emar A. (Emma) Mount Olivet Cemetery23 Feb 1855Putnam County, _, _23 Apr 1921(here)I21007
14 Witherspoon, William James Woodlawn Memorial Park and Mausoleum13 Mar 1917Cedar Hill, Dallas County, Texas, _18 Feb 2000(here)I31506
15 Young, Elizabeth Mount Olivet Cemetery28 Oct 1880Greene County, Missouri, _29 Apr 1964(here)I21017

Graduation events within Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

   Name  Graduation BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Hawkins, George 'Gordon'1940(here)24 Jun 1920Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, _5 Jul 1996Conway, Faulkner County, Arkansas, _I20765

Residence events within Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

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   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bell, Viola Lucinda (here)29 Jul 1912Tennessee, _29 Apr 1990Columbia, Maury County, _, _I30628
2 Blackburn, Mary Leta1940(here)2 Jun 1890Jefferson County, _, _18 Jan 1950Green County, _, _I29447
3 Broomer, Jennie M1955(here)28 Jun 1902Tennessee, _17 Jun 1968 I28323
4 Carter, Bobbie Sue1960(here)13 Oct 1930Putnam County, _, _21 Mar 2014(here)I29588
5 Dennison, Nancy1930(here)11 Jan 1930(here)20 Nov 2019Harvest, Madison County, Alabama, _I20088
6 ''1940(here)''''''''''
7 Dodd, Bessie Mae1900(here)Jan 1887Tennessee, _  I21550
8 Dodd, Lucy1900(here)18 Feb 1881(here)31 Mar 1968Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, _I21549
9 Dodd, Samuel L1900(here)25 Dec 1849Williamson County, Texas, _15 Oct 1928Sherman, Grayson County, Texas, _I21548
10 Fowlkes, William L1920(here)25 Apr 1915(here)27 Dec 2007(here)I21025
11 ''1957(here)''''''''''
12 ''1992(here)''''''''''
13 Hargrove, Robert Harold (here)17 Sep 1919Tennessee, _17 Mar 2008(here)I21155
14 Holloman, Emma Lee1930(here)13 Jan 1886Tennessee, _27 Aug 1958Columbia, Maury County, _, _I27563
15 Hutcheson, Jessie Bryant1930(here)Oct 1892Bledsoe County, _, _14 May 1975Mississippi, _I22111
16 ''1930(here)''''''''''
17 Hutcheson, Pearly May1930(here)14 Sep 1881Pikeville, Bledsoe County, _, _5 Mar 1933Donelson, _, _, _I20160
18 Hutcheson, Ruth Margaret1989(here)16 Apr 1932(here)26 Apr 2000(here)I20090
19 Kuykendall, Frank Anson1960(here)22 Jul 1928Overton County, _, _26 Jun 2014(here)I21082
20 Kuykendall, Lucinda (Lucy)1880(here)18 Sep 1833Jackson County, _, _29 Nov 1926(here)I20988
21 ''1900(here)''''''''''
22 ''1910(here)''''''''''
23 ''1920(here)''''''''''
24 Lavender, Jesse C1955(here)8 Sep 1896Morgan County, _, _18 Jun 1979Lancing, Morgan County, _, _I28322
25 Matheny, Anna Ruth1930(here)23 Nov 1929(here)12 Jan 2001Columbia, Maury County, _, _I27567
26 Matheny, Dorothy Marie1930(here)17 Jan 1923Monterey, Putnam County, _, _Dec 1994 I27564
27 Matheny, James Collom1930(here)4 Feb 1926(here)Nov 1984 I27566
28 Matheny, John Anderson1930(here)3 Feb 1908Rhea County, _, _28 Oct 1986Columbia, Maury County, _, _I27571
29 Matheny, Lucinda Fine (Lucy)1930(here)30 Nov 1877Putnam County, _, _10 Mar 1961Red Boiling Springs, Macon County, _, _I24612
30 Matheny, Robin Mitchell1930(here)4 Jan 1909Maryland, Cumberland County, _, _14 Apr 1991 I27572
31 ''1940(here)''''''''''
32 ''1940(here)''''''''''
33 Matheny, Roy Leo1930(here)24 Aug 1924Clay County, _, _10 Dec 1944Columbia, Maury County, _, _I27565
34 Matheny, Samuel Denton1930(here)17 Jun 1884Meigs County, _, _Sep 1968Columbia, Maury County, _, _I27561
35 Matheny, Thomas Edward1930(here)2 Aug 1921Monterey, Putnam County, _, _19 Jul 1995Columbia, Maury County, _, _I27574
36 Matheny, William E1930(here)28 Apr 1913Tennessee, _13 Dec 1974 I27573
37 Moore, Vesta1935(here)8 Jun 1909Overton County, _, _16 Apr 2005(here)I30524
38 ''1940(here)''''''''''
39 ''1992(here)''''''''''
40 Myers, Martha Virginia1920(here)11 Aug 1877McMinnville, Warren County, _, _18 Sep 1948(here)I27753
41 Overhulls, Laura1987(here)1 Aug 1895Crosby County, Texas, _Apr 1986(here)I20080
42 Parker, William Kirby1920(here)11 Apr 1879Clay County, _, _26 Sep 1942(here)I27760
43 Ramsey, Monroe Leevirt1930(here)13 Mar 1875Tennessee, _12 Nov 1954Defeated, Smith County, _, _I29814
44 Ray, Frances Louise1930(here)23 Nov 1919Winchester, Franklin County, _, _7 Sep 1947Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama, _I30622
45 Richmond, Ann Frances1943(here)4 Aug 1924Cleveland, Bradley County, _, _5 May 2021Searcy, White County, Arkansas, _I20095
46 Sewell, Alonzo Matthew1880(here)16 Jul 1857 7 Mar 1910 I21008
47 Sewell, Edward Granville1920(here)14 Apr 1919(here)27 Mar 1987Searcy, White County, Arkansas, _I20096
48 ''1940(here)''''''''''
49 Sewell, Elisha Edwin (E.E.)1880(here)18 Jan 1864Williamson, Williamson County, _, _30 Sep 1937(here)I21012
50 ''1920(here)''''''''''

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Primary Marriage events within Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Absalom Kuykendall / Nancy Dean15 Sep 1834(here)F22529
2 James Debrix Perry / Christine Aminta Barger1887(here)F22311

Married events within Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

   Family  Married MarriageFamily ID
1 William L Fowlkes / Lucy Tate Sewell3 Jul 1936(here)UNKNOWN F20473
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